AndaSeat's Valentine's Day sale begins: Love yourself and the chair you sit in

Andaseat Fnatic Top
Andaseat Fnatic Top (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)

I scream you scream we all scream for AndaSeat Valentine's Day chair sales!!!! That's right: The holiday of love, chocolates, and Hallmark happenings is at it again, and AndaSeat's not intent on leaving your wallet unloved. Right now, Rainbow Six Siege fans and supporters of the color pink can get some dank discounts on some comfy cushioning.

Specifically: You can score 1,200 in-game Rainbow Six Siege credits alongside a 10% discount on the brand-new Phantom 3 Six Invitational 2022 Edition chair! It's themed around the esports side of one of the most notorious video games in existence, so if you're a Fnatic follower, you can comfortably sink into the branding of the scene.

As for the other sale items: Right now, knock $100 off the Jungle gaming chair as well as $100 off the Pretty in Pink gaming chair. Just remember to use coupon code 2022FUN.

Remember: All the fun (again, coupon code 2022FUN) ends February 16, 2022, at which point we all have to return to our pedestrian, MSRP-defined lives. So if you want to feel the love that only your wallet can provide this Valentine's Day, go get yourself a seat.

And in the event you're not a fan of the chairs on sale right now, hold off and wait for a sale on AndaSeat's other great offerings, such as the recently released Jungle 2 Series, the sequel to the chair mentioned earlier in this post. The Jungle 2 Series even features a footrest, which is a mixup to the usual AndaSeat formula. Not to mention, the company offers more than seats, like its Mask 2 RGB desk.

Robert Carnevale

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