Babel Rising 3D bringing divine punishment to Xbox on Windows Phone this week

Last week’s Xbox release, Extraction: Project Outbreak (review coming tomorrow!) was a surprising strategy title mixed with elements of action. This week, we get another strategy title, but otherwise it couldn’t be more different. Babel Rising 3D will soon be on the Windows Phone Store, courtesy of developer Mando Productions with Ubisoft publishing. Yes, this is Ubisoft’s first Windows Phone title (Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell came from Gameloft under license from Ubisoft).

Babel Rising allows players to play god… Not just any god, but a vengeful god! Your worshippers have decided to build a tower to the heavens – a tower of Babel, if you will – and it’s your job to smite them into ashes and not allow them to use birth control no matter how much it makes sense to do so. You’ll smack them down using a variety of destructive powers including lightning, floods, earthquakes, and even meteor showers.

iOS screenshot

The game consists of 15 campaign levels plus an endless survival mode. To unlock new powers, you’ll need to replay levels and survival mode for Babel currency. Alternatively, you can buy currency with Microsoft Points to make things go faster. Let’s hope this game can actually connect to the Marketplace, unlike poor Extraction.

Babel Rising 3D is actually the third game in the Babel Rising series. Previous games were 2D, but then a 3D sequel launched on smartphones and consoles, including Xbox 360. By all accounts the XBLA version suffers from horrendous (but optional) Kinect controls and is quite the grind. The iOS game is also said to be extremely grindy and overly difficult, but people do seem to like it better. Here’s hoping!

The iOS version (opens in new tab) of Babel Rising 3D costs only 99 cents, with in-game purchases subsidizing the low cost. The Windows Phone version will hopefully cost the same, or $2.99 at most. It should become available later today or on its official release date: Wednesday, October 10.

Paul Acevedo

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  • Is it all about one tower?
  • How many Towers of Babel were there? There's just one... Personally, I'd rather be the Babylonians trying to build the tower to get to God...then beat him. That'd be more exciting...
  • If you're asking how many, I don't know, I never saw any :-)
    This game looks like it doesn't have much to it.
  • Okay, but you are aware of the biblical story of Babel, right? How they built a tower to reach god and he smote them for their bravado and arrogance? It's the biblical origins of why humans have many languages, why we say people/babies "babel" when they don't make sense, etc...
  • Daniel, relax not everyone knows biblical text as well as you do. Expecting people to know what your talking about is like me expecting you to know the fastest way downtown. Its common knowledge to me but an out of towner wouldn't. Your kinda coming across like an ass.
  • Wow, I link the guy to the Wikipedia story and explain the significance in case he didn't know and you're calling me an ass? Thanks.
  • That's a shame that people don't know this. I guess us Christians need to work harder.
  • It's not a shame, it's actually great that less and less people know and believe those ancient fairy tales. I can't wait till the time comes when young people won't know the God myth, or at least consider it fantasy fiction like the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Twilight.
  • Yeah, good luck with that.
  • Oh it's coming. Monotheism has been proven to be false and harmful,and it's on its way out.
  • Sorry Daniel if I ticked you off but I think you assumed I was a Christian and would know biblical stories.
  • My family loves this game on Xbox Kinect.  Granted your arms get very tired.
  • Lol good question..
  • Really? The birth control joke?
  • We can go harsher if you want?
  • Just rather read about phones and video games and not politics.
  • It's not politics but religion actually and it was one line in jest, as you even call it a joke. No offense was implied but I think people can have tougher skin around here, especially when writing about a game where the conceit is God vengefully murdering humans, lol.
  • I'm all about vengeful murdering...and I'm not offended by it. Just wanted some part of the day without that stuff involved.
  • One part of your day without jokes? That's one part too many. :)
  • I lol'd at the joke lol
  • Glad you liked it. :)
  • Typical Lib Strawman Crap... Your jokes not based upon truth..Nobody cares about your birth control or how you use it... We just don't want to pay for it... Go buy your own if you want... Its Just like we don't want to be forced to pay for your abortions... Sorry but You make a stupid joke based on a lie and you should be called out on it.
  • Oh, and BTW, I buy my own birth control.. I wouldn't dream of making anyone else pay for it.
  • This entire comment is insane. That you thought it was a good idea to type out is distressing.
  • Well when I read him joking about the Hindu god and starving people not allowed to eat cows or a joke about Allah then I will believe its about religion, but of course his joke was about Christians not paying for others birth control or as they put it, "they are trying to take away your birth control"
  • First off, I'm the author of the article, not Daniel. So it was my joke. And I don't think any subject like politics or religions is off-limits for jokes. We do have to be careful because people with extreme viewpoints and a lack of humor will woefully misinterpret jokes on those subjects, but I still feel this joke is pretty tame. The actual thing I'm poking fun at is that one major organized religion (based around the same guy you play as in the game) explicitly prohibits the use of birth control. There is no relation between the game, the article, or the joke itself and health care policies. As for that, "you're a liberal so I hate you" or "you're a conservative so this and this..." stuff, it's not helpful anywhere in life. Far better to think through situations on your own and respond to individual facts and arguments rather than resorting to labels and an "us versus them" mentality.
  • It was actually about religion, not politics. It was your diseased mind that turned it into politics.
  • Dude, that was priceless!
  • Sorry but is this a Xbox title with achievements, etc?
  • Yes.
  • It's in the headline...
  • Looks interesting but I'm going to stop getting games at this point in preparation for a new phone. :)
  • Hope it's $1 and I'll gladly buy it.  Tried the XBLA version when it was on sale for $5 and that was a Hell NO!
  • It's available:
  • Thanks.  $3.  Ouch.
  • I got this for free on my Galaxy Tab 7.7
    Love it! Helps with stress. ;)
    So glad it's on WP now!
  • Hey, downloaded the trial...and it worked over LTE. Thought they limited downloads over 20MBs to WiFi. The game says it is 42MBs in size.
  • With a user ratings of 2, this game is a major flop in the marketplace.