Babel Rising 3D bringing divine punishment to Xbox on Windows Phone this week

Last week’s Xbox release, Extraction: Project Outbreak (review coming tomorrow!) was a surprising strategy title mixed with elements of action. This week, we get another strategy title, but otherwise it couldn’t be more different. Babel Rising 3D will soon be on the Windows Phone Store, courtesy of developer Mando Productions with Ubisoft publishing. Yes, this is Ubisoft’s first Windows Phone title (Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell came from Gameloft under license from Ubisoft).

Babel Rising allows players to play god… Not just any god, but a vengeful god! Your worshippers have decided to build a tower to the heavens – a tower of Babel, if you will – and it’s your job to smite them into ashes and not allow them to use birth control no matter how much it makes sense to do so. You’ll smack them down using a variety of destructive powers including lightning, floods, earthquakes, and even meteor showers.

iOS screenshot

The game consists of 15 campaign levels plus an endless survival mode. To unlock new powers, you’ll need to replay levels and survival mode for Babel currency. Alternatively, you can buy currency with Microsoft Points to make things go faster. Let’s hope this game can actually connect to the Marketplace, unlike poor Extraction.

Babel Rising 3D is actually the third game in the Babel Rising series. Previous games were 2D, but then a 3D sequel launched on smartphones and consoles, including Xbox 360. By all accounts the XBLA version suffers from horrendous (but optional) Kinect controls and is quite the grind. The iOS game is also said to be extremely grindy and overly difficult, but people do seem to like it better. Here’s hoping!

The iOS version of Babel Rising 3D costs only 99 cents, with in-game purchases subsidizing the low cost. The Windows Phone version will hopefully cost the same, or $2.99 at most. It should become available later today or on its official release date: Wednesday, October 10.

Paul Acevedo

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