Best 27-Inch 4K Monitors for PC in 2024

ViewSonic VP2768-4K
ViewSonic VP2768-4K (Image credit: Windows Central)

As 4K display technology drops in price and high-res monitors become an all-around more popular choice for professionals, gamers, and casual users, the market is becoming more competitive. With the higher resolution, 27 inches is a great choice that will still fit on your desk without feeling that the display is too cramped. We've rounded up the best of the best that fit the bill right here to help you get what you need.

If we're making some suggestions

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4K monitors can get incredibly expensive, putting them out of reach of most people who just want a solid display for general work. If that sounds like you, we recommend checking out HP's Z27. It's priced reasonably well and has respectable specs, including 60 Hz refresh rate, 8 ms response time, IPS panel, and colorful screen, plus it comes with a three-year warranty and HP's Zero Bright Dots warranty.

If you'd rather not spend more than $300, the Philips 276E8VJSB will still deliver a 4K resolution with great color, as well as wide viewing angles, slim bezel, 60Hz refresh rate, and HDMI or DisplayPort connectivity.

Second-guessing whether or not you require a 4K resolution? Be sure to have a look at our roundup of other great 27-inch monitors that includes 1080p and 1440p options.

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