Best USB-C Monitors for PC Windows Central 2019

USB-C is the emerging new standard of plugging things into a PC or a phone, and in most cases, it's backed up by super-fast data transfer in the form of USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3. Through the one single cable and connector, you can power an external display, hook up to USB peripherals, and even charge your laptop. If you're looking to use a USB-C display with your laptop or desktop PC, then get yourself something like the LG 27UD88.

Great for laptops: LG 27UD88

Staff favorite

One of the very best USB-C monitors you can buy. Via one cable you can power a laptop, send video, and use the monitor as a USB hub, with the ability to interface with peripherals plugged into the two built-in USB 3.0 ports. You also have 14 options for layout, so you can view multiple windows simultaneously, so while you've got a laptop plugged in via USB-C you can also attach an HDMI device like a desktop PC or even an Xbox One. And the best part is its ability to power a laptop while acting as a display.

$597 at Amazon

AMD FreeSync: HP Envy 27

HP makes some of the finest looking PC hardware around right now and the Envy 27 is no exception. Its elegant style will make any setup stand out. And the 178-degree viewing angles and minimal bezels make it perfect for multi-monitor setups. The 27-inch panel is 4K resolution and also has support for AMD FreeSync when connected to compatible PCs. It also has the all-important USB-C connection for video connection and charging your laptop while you use it.

$450 at HP

Great colors: Dell S2719DC

Dell knows how to make great looking monitors and the S2719DC is no exception. Following the recent trend of stunning displays and super-skinny bezels, this 27-inch, 1440p display is perfect for a multi-monitor setup. The minimal design boasts DisplayHDR 600 with 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3 color gamut. The USB-C support means you can connect a laptop with a single cable and charge it while also getting video output thanks to the 45W power delivery.

$420 at Dell

Take anywhere: ASUS ZenScreen GO

The ASUS ZenScreen GO is a portable 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display that you can hook up to your laptop over a single USB-C cable. It also has a built in battery for four hours of use where it won't drain your laptop's power. You get a full HD 15.6-inch display to use alongside your laptop or Android smartphone, and thanks to the USB-A adapter included, older laptops can also come to play.

$280 at Amazon

Affordable ultrawide: LG 34UM69G-B

Ultrawide monitors are more popular than ever and this affordable 34-inch one from LG has USB-C with power delivery for a laptop alongside a huge 21:9 panel. The resolution is limited to full HD, but as it's wide, not tall, it still looks great and helps keep the cost down. With a 75Hz refresh rate, FreeSync and 1ms response time, it's also good if you like to game.

$348 at Amazon

4K HDR: BenQ EW3270U

For those chasing the ultimate image quality for multimedia or professional work, this 4K HDR 32-inch display from BenQ is just the ticket. It also has USB-C, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 among its box of tricks, as well as a striking design. BenQ also built in a low blue light mode, to help keep your eyes feeling fresh.

$484 at Amazon

Something for everyone

Whether you're shopping for a home office or a portable setup, there's a great USB-C monitor to pair with your PC. The ASUS ZenScreen GO is pretty remarkable, and how many portable monitors can power themselves from a battery?!

It's hard not to be impressed by the 4K LG 27UD88 which looks great and is a perfect companion if your laptop is your main PC. The display is high quality, the monitor design is pretty sleek, and while it's a little pricey it's worth every penny.

Gamers aren't left out in the cold, either. The HP Envy 27 has both USB-C on board and AMD FreeSync. Assuming you're using something from the Radeon family in your rig, you'll be able to get crisp, tear-free gaming on this very attractive monitor.

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