Best Buy's flash sale includes smart TVs, drones, home security, & more

Simplisafe Home Security
Simplisafe Home Security (Image credit: Best Buy)

If you're in a shopping mood this weekend, be sure to check out the Best Buy Flash Sale going on all weekend long and ending on Tuesday. This is a huge sale celebrating the long weekend. You're going to find a ton of things on sale, including new stuff every day. The low prices cover dozens of different categories, including a lot of electronics like video games, headphones, and even virtual reality. You can get a new pair of headphones, a 4K TV, or even a new bike.

In addition to the Flash Sale, Best Buy is also continuing to update its Deals of the Day. So you can save in new ways today that you couldn't yesterday. For example, you can grab the SimplISafe Shield home security system while it's down to $159.99. That's a $110 discount over Best Buy's usual price, and SimpliSafe is one of the best security systems out there.

This system comes with an alarm base station, a keypad, six entry sensors, and two motion sensors. You can use the interactive app to set it up, set schedules, and arm and disarm the system from anywhere. It's also comptible with Amazon Alexa so you can check the status of your system with just a voice command.

Among the video game promotions available in this sale are a few different games from varying consoles, virtual reality headsets like the Oculus 2, and more. There are even some Nintendo amiibos like the Green Yarn Yoshi on sale for $6 off its regular price. Get one whether you collect amiibos or just want to save all the Yoshis.

Remember the deals end Tuesday, so be sure to look through the full sale for all the ways you can save.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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