What's the best Type Cover color for black Surface Pro 6?

What's the best Type Cover color for black Surface Pro 6?

Best answer: They all look great but burgundy and the hard-to-find aqua are the most vibrant Type Covers to own for Surface Pro 6. While the black completes the all-dark look, it's not made of Alcantara fabric.Microsoft: Surface Pro 6 (From $899)Amazon: Surface Type Cover (From $98)

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover burgundy

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Image credit: Windows Central)

The burgundy Signature Type Cover ($110) gives just enough flash of color to the Surface Pro 6 that it won't draw too much attention but still looks sharp and is only moderately fashion-forward. Burgundy can be best described as handsome with the all-black Surface Pro 6, and it easily looks the best with a matching burgundy Surface Pen ($73). In an informal poll of Windows Central staff, burgundy won as the overall best color choice.

Surface Pro Type Cover black

The jet-black Surface Pro Type Cover completes the black Surface Pro 6, giving you a dark-as-the-night look that says muted, confident, and serious. It's also the cheapest option at $99 on Amazon or $139 from Microsoft. The only downside is its nylon and not fancy Alcantara For some people, that may be a selling point. (Bonus option: Grab the Surface Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint ID ($159) for another choice to login to the Surface Pro 6, which is especially useful if you use it outdoors where the sun can interfere with the Windows Hello camera.)

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover cobalt

Surface Pro 6

Surface Pro 6 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Cobalt, a.k.a., dark blue, is not bad looking but it's also the least exciting color of the bunch. The cobalt Signature Type Cover ($115) is the safe bet you go to when you want something more than black but aren't confident enough to go burgundy. In a dark room, it's hard to even notice the difference between it and the black cover, but you do get the soft Alcantara.

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover aqua (limited edition)

Surface Pro 6 with Aqua keyboard

Surface Pro 6 with Aqua keyboard (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The aqua Signature Type Cover ($118) is arguably the most exciting color option. Mix a bit of seafoam green with some hints of blue and you get this unique creation. It also looks outstanding, contrasting nicely with matte black on the Surface Pro. The bad news is Microsoft only had a limited run of these during the spring of 2018, making them difficult to find. Amazon resellers and eBay is your best bet if you still want one. Just remember to find the matching aqua Surface Arc Mouse ($59) to complete the look! This is our choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover platinum

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

The "Surface platinum" Signature Type Cover ($115) is the default standby when black is too exciting for you. A modern black Surface Pro with a platinum keyboard is more of a classic look that screams "safe," but sometimes you just want the basics. If so, platinum is your best bet. Just be warned that lighter Alcantara colors tend to show more wear and dirt over time.

Marimekko Special Edition Type Cover for Surface Pro

The wild cards: Siirtolapuutarh or Kaivo. Those are the patterns found on the specially licensed Marimekko Type Covers for Surface Pro ($159). There's no fancy Alcantara here so the extra cash goes towards that legendary design found on the bottom of the cover. The black and gray Kaivo is a unique but not outlandish look. Its only for the very fashion conscious. Want more? Grab the matching Marimekko Skins to complete the look.

Burgundy is where it's at ...

All the colors looking quite good with the new black Surface Pro 6, but if we had to pick just one, it wouldn't be difficult to select the burgundy Signature Type Cover with Alcantara.

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