Best Dell monitors 2024

Dell monitor
Dell monitor (Image credit: Windows Central)

There are a few brands synonymous with PC hardware, and Dell is up there with the best. It makes some of the absolute finest PC gear money can buy, and it extends beyond just laptops and desktops. Dell also makes some of the best monitors on the market, and here we've rounded up some of the best Dell monitors you should be taking a look at.

The bottom line

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Dell has a serious range of fantastic computer monitors that can quite literally cater for whatever specific needs you have. If you're hunting for an all-rounder though, the UltraSharp U2421E is the one to get. Not least because the 16:10 aspect ratio gives you a little extra vertical space to work in.

But it's not the only one worth a look. Whether you're in the market for gaming, content creation, even video conferencing, Dell has a monitor that fits the brief. The fact you can have a monitor optimized on a hardware level for Microsoft Teams is both surprising and extremely impressive.

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