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The PC case is where someone usually starts with a new build. It's what will contain all your components, but it'll also be what you and others see first, so you need one that looks amazing. We've rounded up some of the best-looking full-tower PC cases, like the monstrous but eye-catching Cooler Master Cosmos C700M.

Monster tower: Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

Staff pick

The Cosmos C700M by Cooler Master is a gorgeous case that allows for high levels of customization. It's incredibly expensive and may be way out of reach for most system builds, but this monster offers an impressive number of features. Two tempered glass side panels, amazing water cooling support, and plenty of space make it a dream for custom and modded rigs.

$500 at Amazon

Sleek lookin': Phanteks Enthoo Luxe

You may be aware of affordable Phanteks cases, but did you know the company also has premium options available? Take the Enthoo Luxe, which sports ambient lighting, dust filters, a tempered glass window, and support for RGB motherboards. It's by no means cheap, but for the price, you're receiving a full-tower that not only looks great but has ample space inside for installing a powerful PC setup with water-cooling.

$160 at Amazon

Unique design: Thermaltake Core P5

Thermaltake is the company behind the awesome Core series of full ATX cases. The P5 is the larger sibling of the P3 and allows for full water-cooling solutions to be installed with ease. What makes this case interesting is how all components are on show thanks to the lack of top, front and rear panels. While this can prove troublesome when it comes to dust and keeping components cool with a lack of airflow, the wow factor and build quality may outweigh the negatives for some.

$157 at Amazon

Boxed in: Thermaltake Tower 900

If you want a unique case, but don't fancy having all your components out in the open, Thermaltake has the Tower 900 available. It can house two custom water cooling loops and tempered glass on the front and sides of the cube chassis for clearer views of everything running within.

$250 at Amazon

Budget pick: DeepCool MATREXX 55

Have a tighter budget, but still need a full-tower E-ATX case? DeepCool has the MATREXX 55 with tempered glass listed at an affordable price. The best part about this chassis is it looks more premium than it is, allowing you to boast to everyone just how much more you spent on it. Full support for a 360mm radiator in the front, as well as a 280mm radiator on the top make it ideal for custom water cooling setups too.

$45 at Amazon


The CaseLabs MAGNUM SMA8 is not a cheap PC case, but there's a good reason for that. This full-tower ATX case is specifically designed for system builders and those who enjoy adding personal touches to their PC. This case, in fact, is so large that you could throw in up to three reservoirs, multiple radiators, and even two PSUs. The sheer number of configurations this case supports is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

$600 at CaseLabs{.cta .shop}

PC building dream

Go big or go home

You don't always need a full-tower case for your PC build, but whether you need the space for all your components, want to customize your rig, or just like the design, there's a case for you. A full-tower is going tobe more expensive than, say, a mid-tower, but it's worth it for that modding power.

There are numerous full-tower PC cases available with many of them rocking cool designs and features. If we were to recommend one it would be the Cooler Master Cosmos C700M, due to the sheer sclae of customization on offer. Not only does it look great, but the high levels of functionality make it well worth the price if you can afford it.

But if your budget simply cannot stretch to cover the cost of the C700M, the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe is an excellent second choice.

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