Best MSI Laptops in 2022


MSI has become quite popular with the gamer crowd in recent years, and its dedicated Gaming Series laptops represent the company at its finest. While there's a lot of gaming focus, such as the excellent GS65 Stealth Thin (opens in new tab), there are also parts of its lineup that will appeal to someone who's just looking for a powerful portable.

If we had to choose...

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There are a couple of choices in MSI's current lineup that jump out, and even better still they're not both for gamers. It's hard not to recommend the GS65 Stealth Thin (opens in new tab), a laptop that still seems impossible. A sleek, super-thin chassis that houses not only the necessary power to play PC games, but a high-refresh rate display to play them on.

It also doesn't scream "I'm a gamer," with a fairly understated style and a pretty sophisticated design. The same can be said of the most excellent PS63 Modern (opens in new tab), a creator-targeted laptop that we like a lot. It's gorgeous to look at, powerful to use, and not particularly expensive, either.

The PS63 can also do a spot of lighter gaming, but ultimately that's not why it exists. It has a perfect balance of specs for the likes of photographers and videographers, and even has Windows Hello security built in for that extra piece of mind.

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