NZXT H510 EliteSource: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central

Black Friday is a great time of the year to wait for discounts to be applied to your favorite products. Whether you happen to be on the hunt for a new GPU or keyboard, now's a better time than any throughout the year to part with your hard-earned cash.

We've already seen PC cases, GPUs, processors and accessories receive discounts, and you can bet considerably money that many more are planned to go live. We'll be keeping tabs on PC tech deals and update this very page, so be sure to bookmark or check back often to see what else has been placed on sale.

Best PC Black Friday 2019 deals: Components

ZOTAC GTX 1070 AMP EXTREMESource: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central

Putting together your dream PC, or upgrading an existing system, is a great way of not only saving money, but learning some new tricks in the process. From processors to GPUs and cases to lighting, we've rounded up some killer deals now live for Black Friday.

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AIO: Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E

$64 $75 $11 off

This AIO cooler from Cooler Master comes equipped with two 120mm fans for maximum performance at lower speeds. Supports most Intel and AMD sockets.

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AIO: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage

$131 $160 $29 off

This fancy-looking AIO has not only a dual-fan setup, but also a transparent pump with RGB lighting. So not only will your PC remain cool under load, but it'll look good too.

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CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

$30 $35 $5 off

Cooler Master's Hyper 212 Evo is one of the best value CPU coolers on the market. It's affordable and can even keep enthusiast processors within safe operating temperatures.

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PSU: Cooler Master MWE 750W

$85 $120 $35 off

This PSU from Cooler Master has everything you need from a power supply. You'e got 80 plus gold certification, high-quality components and a good warranty.

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PCIe Wi-Fi: TP-Link AC1300 Wi-Fi PCIe

$35 $80 $45 off

Sporting transfer rates of up to 1,300 MB/s, this PCIe Wi-Fi card is lightning fast if you want to remove the cable between your desktop PC and router. While not Wi-Fi 6, this TP-Link card will be able to handle a constant stream of data.

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Case Sale

NZXT Black Friday Promotion

10% off all products

NZXT is running a promotion that sees 10 percent discounted on all products excluding audio. This deal will run until December 2, allowing you to save big on premium cases and lighting accessories.

Best PC Black Friday 2019 deals: Storage

Samsung 970 EVO PlusSource: Richard Devine / Windows Central

No matter how powerful your desktop or laptop PC is, you need some form of storage drive to store all your data, apps, games, and OS on. This is where our collection of storage drive deals come into play.

SATA SSD: Western Digital Blue 1TB/2TB SSD

Up to 4% off

Western Digital makes some great drives and the Blue SSD collection offers super value. With the 1TB drive costing just $110, you can store all your favorite games on a speedy drive.

PCIe SSD: Western Digital Blue 1TB/2TB NVMe SSD

Up to 4% off

If SATA drives aren't quite what you're searching for, Western Digital's Blue NVMe drives are also on sale, costing around the same as SATA counterparts.

PCIe SSD: Western Digital Black 1TB NVMe SSD

$208 $250 $42 off

This monster of an NVMe drive from Western Digital rocks transfer speeds of up to 3470 MB/s for improved load times in games and productivity apps. You also get a five-year warranty.

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PCIe SSD: Samsung EVO Plus 1TB/2TB NVMe SSD

Up to 20% off

Samsung EVO Plus drives are ridiculously fast. They're also fairly affordable too, starting at just $150 for the 1TB drive, which allows you to store more than enough data.

SATA SSD: Samsung 860 EVO SSD

$230 $400 $170 off

Just when you thought you could save big on 2TB Samsung drives, this EVO SSD is on sale for a seriously low price. While it's SATA, you are able to store massive amounts of data on it.

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PCIe SSD: Sabrent Rocket 2TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD

$159 $170 $11 off

This massive 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD from Sabrent is currently on sale with an $11 coupon available. That doesn't sound like much of a saving, but this is a 2TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 (not 3.0) drive for a low $159. Just remember to activate the coupon before adding it to your basket.

$159 at Amazon

PCIe SSD: Sabrent Rocket 512GB NVMe SSD

$65 $70 $5 off

This PCIe NVMe drive by Sabrent is currently available with a small $5 coupon that can be applied during checkout, which brings the cost of a 512GB SSD down to just $65. That's not bad at all.

$150 at Amazon

Best PC Black Friday 2019 deals: Accessories

Richard Devine at InsomniaSource: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central

In order to truly enjoy the power of your PC, you'll need a monitor to output content to. Leading brands have discounted their panels and you can find some excellent deals on other accessories too. Go ahead and add some lighting to your PC build.

Monitor: ViewSonic 27-inch VX2758

$196 $230 $34 off

Full HD resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync support, and a three-year warranty make this ViewSonic panel a great purchase for gaming.

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Monitor: Dell 27-inch Ultrasharp U2718Q

$399 $480 $81 off

Glorious 4K monitor that's best matched with a creative individual or one who enjoys consuming high-definition content on the PC. Not so good for gaming, however.

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Monitor: Dell 24-inch Ultrasharp U2415

$200 $400 $200 off

Dell makes some great displays and this panel is on sale for 50 percent. It's not 4K and you won't be playing games at high refresh rates, but it does make colors pop and you'll be sorted with a great display.

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Monitor: Dell 34-inch UltraSharp U3415W

$580 $800 $220 off

This 34-inch 21:9 curved ultra-wide display from Dell is a great option for those wanting to move up from a standard sized panel to one with extended real estate.

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Monitor: LG 38-inch 38WK95C-W

$949 $1,130 $181 off

Enhance your workspace with this insane LG monitor which features a 21:9 aspect ratio, HDR10, and USB-C connectivity. It also has a virtually borderless design. This offer saves you over $180 off its average price and drops it lower than ever before.

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Monitor Sale

Samsung Black Friday Promotion

37% off Samsung displays

If you're a big fan of Samsung displays, you can save up to 37 percent on leading models. From more budget-friendly panels to gaming beasts, there's something for everyone here.

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