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Best Razer keyboards 2022

Razer is one of the top brands for PC gamers worldwide, and among all the various products the company makes, there remains a staple at the heart of its lineup. Razer makes some of the best gaming keyboards on the planet, and a Razer keyboard is always a sound investment for your gaming setup. Whatever your specific requirements or budget, there's a keyboard for you, and these are the best Razer keyboards.

If we had to choose ...

It's impossible to ignore the brilliance of the Razer Huntsman Analog. It's close to perfect and its innovative switch design boasts responsiveness and customization you simply don't get from most other mechanical keyboards right now.

Razer is also one of the first to offer a dedicated solution for Xbox gamers as well as PC gaming fans. The Turret is designed to be the best wireless mouse and keyboard experience on your sofa, but it's just as capable of gaming on your PC if you're looking for a single solution to both.

And then there's the BlackWidow family, with the V3 and V3 Pro offering slightly different takes, but both retaining those iconic clicky switches and great performance fans have become accustomed to.

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