Best Surface Go and Surface Go 2 Sleeves in 2022

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The Surface Go 2 is a cute Windows 10 tablet with a big heart, and you'll want to keep it nice and safe with one of these awesome sleeves. Surface devices aren't the most fragile PCs in the world, but when you're traveling and have your tablet in your backpack with tons of other objects, accidents can (and do) happen. As such, you'll want something to cushion any potential wayward blows, and these protective sleeves do just that.

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MOSISO case (opens in new tab)

Best value

Available in a range of colors, this sleeve is water-repellent thanks to a hydrophobic polyester shell. The MOSISO range comes in a wide array of color options, as well as other sizes for other Surface devices.

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TomToc 10-inch shoulder sleeve (opens in new tab)

For your shoulder

Our Executive Editor, Daniel Rubino, is currently rocking a TomToc sleeve. The TomToc shoulder bag has fleece internals to ensure your Surface Go has a comfortable ride. At the same time, the exterior is coated in a few fabric options, complete with a 4mm hard-shell case to ensure protection against knocks and scrapes. It also comes with an additional pocket for storing accessories such as the Surface Pen, or charging cables.

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Waterfield Collection (opens in new tab)

Go in style

The Waterfield sleeves are renowned for their quality and craftsmanship, reflected in the premium price points. They come in a range of material options, and you can include a strap for wearing the sleeve across a shoulder. It's certainly not the cheapest option, but if you want to carry your Surface Go in style, look no further.

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ProCase Designs (opens in new tab)

Pragmatic protection

The ProCase is made from quality fabric, ensuring protection from scratches and scrapes, and it comes with additional pockets for smartphones and other small accessories, like the Surface Pen. It's highly recommended on Amazon and shouldn't steer you wrong.

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TomToc Classic (opens in new tab)

Classic case

While it has no straps, this sleeve is designed to be used in a backpack or handbag. The interior of the sleeve is coated in soft fleece to prevent scuffs, and it's padded with shock-absorbent foam for added protection. It also has pockets for additional accessories and costs just $16.99.

All of these cases are great options, and you probably don't need to go with anything more expensive. Personally, I'm using the MOSISO cover (opens in new tab) with my Surface Go and love it, I expect it to be just as good with the Surface Go 2 as well. The fit is snug without being tight, even when the additional pocket is stuffed with the Surface Pen and the Surface Arc mouse folded flat. It's a great product, and I highly recommend it. If you want something more rugged, be sure to take a look at our roundup of best Surface Go cases as well.

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