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When you're choosing the best mouse out there one thing you may overlook is a trackball. A good ergonomic mouse is a sound investment, but a trackball could be even better, especially if you suffer from wrist fatigue. If this sounds like something for you, then here are the best trackball mice we recommend.

Kensington Expert

Top choice: Kensington Expert

Staff pick

You'll need a decent amount of desk space for this one, but it's hard to top if you're truly looking for the best trackball mouse out there. The Kensington Expert is wireless over Bluetooth or USB dongle and has a large 55mm ball with optical tracking for great accuracy. The four buttons are customizable, as is the scrolling speed, and you get a chunky wrist support for maximum comfort. The icing on the cake is Kensington's patented scroll ring which makes navigating websites a breeze.

$84 at Amazon
Mx Ergo

Best thumb input: Logitech MX ERGO

Logitech makes some of the finest ergonomic mice around and the MX ERGO is no different. Well, aside from having a trackball where your right thumb resides. This combines the best of both worlds, with a more traditional mouse form factor joined by the convenience and comfort of a trackball. It's wireless, has excellent battery life, customizable buttons and an adjustable angle for the trackball to dial in your comfort settings. You can also use it with multiple devices without repairing, perfect for flipping between home and the office.

$87 at Amazon
Kensington Orbit

Best budget: Kensington Orbit

The Orbit delivers much of what you get on Kensington's more expensive trackballs but at a more wallet-friendly price. You get a 40mm ball and accurate optical tracking, along with an ambidextrous design and a sizeable but also detachable wrist rest. The scroll ring is also here, and on Windows the two hardware buttons can be customized with a companion app. But if you're looking for a low-cost or great entry into using a trackball, this is the one to get.

$35 at Amazon
Kensington Orbit Fusion

Wireless and customizable: Kensington Orbit Fusion

If you're looking to move to a trackball but don't want to give up your customizable buttons this is the one for you. The Orbit Fusion has five programmable buttons along with a DPI switch, 40mm ball and Kensington's scroll ring. It's still a finger-operated trackball, but the overall form factor is a little more like a mouse, providing a good middle ground. The high design removes the need for a wrist rest and as it's wireless, your desk can stay neat and tidy, too.

$66 at Amazon
Perixx Angle

Changing angle: Perixx PERIMICE-520

If the adjustable angle of the MX ERGO attracts but the price does not, this is a superb alternative. Included with are two wedges that attach to the bottom of the mouse to change up the angle and get the trackball into the position right for you. It also has adjustable DPI, a sculpted, ergonomic design, customizable buttons and as it's also wired, you never need to worry about battery life.

$40 at Amazon
Elecom Trackball

Left-handed: Elecom M-XT4DRBK

Many trackballs are ambidextrous, but some of the more ergonomic designs are exclusively for the right hand. This one from Elecom's EX-G series has a forgettable name but it's affordable, ergonomically designed and importantly, specifically for left-handed people. It's wireless, boasts six customizable buttons, changeable DPI and a maintenance-free design that should keep dirt and dust out of your trackball's bearings.

$39 at Amazon

Rolling the ball

A trackball is a great investment if you suffer from fatigue or are just looking for the most ergonomic setup you can get. The decreased movement and thoughtful design on all those listed here will leave you feeling fresher at the end of a long workday.

The king of the mountain though is Kensington, and the Kensington Expert is the standout of the bunch. It's big, easy to use, has a great wrist rest, no wires and customizable buttons.

But it comes with a bit of a price premium, and fortunately Kensington, along with other brands, provide a number of compelling alternatives to suit every need and budget.

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