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Best trackball mouse 2021

When you're choosing the best mouse out there one thing you may overlook is a trackball. A good ergonomic mouse is a sound investment, but a trackball could be even better, especially if you suffer from wrist fatigue. If this sounds like something for you, then here are the best trackball mice we recommend.

Rolling the ball

A trackball is a great investment if you suffer from fatigue or are just looking for the most ergonomic setup you can get. The decreased movement and thoughtful design on all those listed here will leave you feeling fresher at the end of a long workday.

The king of the mountain though is Kensington, and the Kensington Expert is the standout of the bunch. It's big, easy to use, has a great wrist rest, no wires and customizable buttons.

But it comes with a bit of a price premium, and fortunately Kensington, along with other brands, provide a number of compelling alternatives to suit every need and budget.

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