Best USB-C adapters and hubs for Surface Pro 8 Windows Central 2021

The Surface Pro 8 is a brilliant 2-in-1 Windows laptop but due to its form factor, it isn't exactly packed with ports. Fortunately, it does have USB-C, which means you can easily and affordably expand your options with a USB-C hub or an adapter.

Caldigit Soho Dock

Top pick: CalDigit SOHO dock

Editor's pick

If you're looking to expand your connectivity, the CalDigit SOHO should be in your basket. It adds six total ports, power delivery to keep charging your Surface Pro 8, and it has a removable host cable. With 10Gbps USB-C performance, it will gobble up everything you can throw at it, as well as having support for dual 4K external monitors.

$80 at Amazon

Best for Travel: NOVOO USB-C hub

Packing this USB-C dock with your Surface Pro 8 for traveling has two big advantages. First, it's super compact, with an integrated cable that folds away. The second is that it has Ethernet built in because you know you can never rely on a hotel's Wi-Fi. You also get 100W power delivery, USB 3.0, memory card readers, and HDMI out so this little dongle can make you a full office setup on the road.

$40 at Amazon
Anker USB-C 5-in-1

Budget choice: Anker USB-C 5-in-1 adapter

This 5-in-1 Anker USB-C hub adds two USB-A 3.0, an HDMI port with support for 4K output, as well as SD and microSD card readers. This is one of the more affordable USB-C hubs that is ideal if you just need to add more ports to your Surface Pro 8 without spending a lot of cash.

Syntech Usb Adapter

USB-C To USB-A: Syntech USB-C adapter

Sometimes all you need to do is turn USB-C into USB-A. This two-pack of adapters gets the job done without hassle or taking up any room in your laptop bag. They're well built and won't look out of place sticking out of the side of your Surface Pro 8 while making sure you can hook up any of your legacy USB devices.

$10 at Amazon

Get connected: uni USB-C to Ethernet adapter

This USB-C to Ethernet adapter from uni will give your Surface Pro 8 the best possible internet connection with wired speeds up to 1Gbps. It's a sleek little aluminum adapter with a braided cable and status lights on the end to let you know it's working and nothing more. Perfect to toss in your bag, smaller and more affordable than larger docks with ports you might not even need.

$21 at Amazon
Cable Matters 4K USB-C Adapter

Multiple displays: Cable Matters 4K USB-C hub

If you want to really turn your Surface Pro 8 into a desktop PC with multiple displays, then this is something you need in your arsenal. It includes two DisplayPort and one HDMI port, so you won't be able to connect any other USB devices to it, but if you need something simple and compact to hook up displays, this is the one to get.

$66 at Amazon

The bottom line

Thanks to having a USB-C port, the Surface Pro 8 can be easily expanded to offer a number of additional features. Whether you want to add additional ports, external displays, memory card readers, there's a compatible dock or adapter that will do the job.

The CalDigit SOHO dock is the best of the bunch, covering off all the main connectors you might want to attach to your Surface Pro 8. But it is a tad pricey, but that's OK because there are some great budget alternatives.

USB-C can also be used alongside the Surface Connect port, so if you already have an existing Surface Dock, you can pair it alongside a USB-C hub for maximum connectivity.

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