Best USB-C adapters and hubs for Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro 9 in 2024

The Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro 9 are brilliant 2-in-1 Windows laptops, but due to their form factor, they aren't exactly packed with ports. Fortunately, both devices support USB-C and Thunderbolt 4, which means you can easily expand your port options with a USB-C hub or an adapter. If you don't have a Surface Pro, the great thing about our selection of hubs is that all of them will work with all your favorite USB-C-enabled laptops and tablets, including other Surface devices like the Surface Laptop Studio. Here are the best USB-C adapters and hubs for Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro 9.

The bottom line

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Thanks to having a USB-C port, the Surface Pro 8 can be easily expanded to offer a number of additional features. Whether you want to add additional ports, external displays, or memory card readers, there's a compatible dock or adapter that will do the job.

The CalDigit SOHO dock is the best of the bunch, covering off all the main connectors you might want to attach to your Surface Pro 8. It is a tad pricey, but that's OK because there are some great budget alternatives.

USB-C can also be used alongside the Surface Connect port, so if you already have an existing Surface Dock, you can pair it alongside a USB-C hub for maximum connectivity.

If you're at your desk and want to minimize clutter, you can connect your Microsoft tablet to a USB-C monitor. Many of these displays come with a built-in hub on the rear where you'll be able to connect additional peripherals. This way, you'll have just one cable running from the Surface Pro 8 to the monitor.

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