Best Xbox One S and X Stands and Mounts Windows Central 2021

While the now-discontinued Xbox One 2013 model was designed for horizontal play only, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X are designed for a life standing up right. You can't do it out of the box, however. You will need an additional stand or mount to support this position, and thankfully, they're not too expensive. Here's what's on the market.

Xbox One S stands

The official solution: Official Microsoft Xbox One S stand

What you're getting here is essentially a piece of plastic that connects to the base of the Xbox One S to give it better balance. You simply slide it into the underside of the console as pictured, listen for a click, and job done. There's not much more to say, except there are cheaper options that do exactly the same thing.

$20 at Amazon

Cheaper alternative: DACCKIT Xbox One S Stand

Want something practically identical to the official product but slightly cheaper? DOUBI has your back. This stand is exactly the same as the Xbox One S official stand, but since it doesn't have Xbox branding, you can shave $5 off the price. You could spend that $5 on some Overwatch loot crates or REQ packs in Halo 5, or buy some candy or something.

$10 at Amazon

On the wall: HIDEit Xbox One S Wall Mount

Now if you want to go nuclear, then look no further than the HIDEit Xbox One S Wall Mount. The HIDEit Wall Mount is designed to perfectly fit your Xbox One S without impeding airflow, allowing you to mount it to a wall for those who want an extremely minimalist set-up. Our own Executive Editor Daniel Rubino is currently using one.

$43 at Amazon

Xbox One X stands

Close to official: PowerA Xbox One X stand

There are cheaper options available (see below) but this clip-in stand from PowerA is as close to an official product as it gets. It looks a little tidier than other options out there, simply presenting as a wide black base to help keep your X stable.

$15 at Amazon

Cheap and cheerful: Younik Xbox One X stand

This is the stand that I currently use, and while it isn't the prettiest option, it will keep your Xbox One X upright and vertical for the cheapest price. The wide base is ideal for keeping your Xbox One X stable, providing a degree of protection against unwanted knocks.

$6 at Amazon

Stick it on the wall: HIDEit Xbox One X mount

If you want to mount your Xbox One X on the wall, HIDEit also makes a handy black stand perfectly sized for the Xbox One X. There'll be a bit of DIY involved to mount it on your wall, but it's a nice option if you want to hide it behind a TV or simply don't have the desk space for it.

$32 at Amazon

That's a wrap!

I am currently using the Xbox One X stand from Younik to keep my console upright, and it works a treat. Our executive editor Daniel Rubino is a fan of the HIDEit mounts to keep his Xbox One tucked neatly away behind a TV, so be sure to take a look at his review as well.

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