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Best Xbox games coming in May 2020: Ghost Files 2, Professional Farmer, and more

Professional Farmer
Professional Farmer (Image credit: United Independent Entertainment)

Every week, numerous games launch on Xbox One, but which ones truly stand out? Here are some of the biggest and most anticipated titles launching across Microsoft's platforms — including Xbox One X — next week. We have a few major releases on Xbox One, but there are still a few surprises here and there. Notably, Professional Farmer: American Dream is launching soon. With that in mind, here are all the best games hitting the Microsoft Store next week, between May 4 and 8. You can take a look at some of our past selections here.

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Ghost Files 2: Memory of a Crime

The life of a private detective is tough and no one knows it better than Arthur Christie, an ex-cop, effective and tough as a nail. This time he will face an investigation in which not only truth is at stake, but also his life. Your goal is to stop a series of terrible crimes!

Ghost Files 2: Memory of a Crime should launch on May 8.

Professional Farmer: American Dream

According to Xbox Wire (opens in new tab), Professional Farmer: American Dream is the the latest spin-off from the Professional Farmer series. This time around, you're on a ranch in the Midwest. Surrounded by towering mountain ranges, build your dream as a rancher in America with lush fields as far as the eye can see.

Professional Farmer: American Dream should hit Xbox One on May 6.


SuperMash is a game that makes games! Mash together two game genres to get a completely unique new game each time, then challenge your friends to see how they do.

SuperMash should hit Xbox One on May 8, priced at $20. You can purchase the game on the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

If you're looking for a break between those heavy-hitters like Resident Evil 3 that released a few weeks ago, be sure to check out these games because they're a lot of fun.

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