The best Xbox games of all time: Our top picks you should play in 2023

What if you're looking for the most recent trending games to play? First, let's take a look at some of the most current Xbox games for the month of December 2022. 

These are essentially editors' picks that represent some of the best recent games you can check out if you've already experienced the best of what Xbox has to offer. These picks will be generally genre agnostic, and most likely feature the best games hitting the Xbox Game Pass subscription service for this month too. 

Hi-Fi Rush

One of the hottest Xbox games trending right now is Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm-based action game that shadow-dropped in January 2023 from the creators of The Evil Within series, Tango Gameworks. In this game, you play as Chai, a wannabe rockstar-turned-rebel fighting to stop the evil mega-corporation, Vandelay Technologies, from taking the world.

Hi-Fi Rush is a fantastic brawler that lives up to its title thanks to an incredible cel-shaded art style, an awesome rock soundtrack, a well-paced campaign with a variety of exciting set-pieces, likable heroes and villains, and a deep and addictive combat system. While the rhythm-based gameplay may not be everyone’s cup of tea and there can be some brutal difficulty spikes, it is still an enjoyable thrill ride that action game enthusiasts and fans of rhythm games will want to check out.

Hi-Fi Rush is currently available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S, PC via Windows and Steam, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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Save the world while rocking to the beat in Tango Gameworks' high-octane rhythm-action game, Hi-Fi Rush. Join Chai and his ragtag crew of friends as they fight to bring down the evil Vandelay Technologies Corporation and their army of robots.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Team Ninja’s latest and highly anticipated soulslike, action RPG, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is out now after releasing in March 2023 and is trending among the Xbox gaming hemisphere. Set in a fictional, dark-retelling of China’s Later Han Dynasty time period, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty casts you into the role of a nameless soldier fighting to bring order and peace back into a land overrun with chaos, war, and murderous demons.

This game is one of Team Ninja’s fastest, flashiest, and most intense action games to date. It features a lengthy single-player campaign filled with insanely challenging bosses to defeat, well-designed levels that reward the player for exploring them, and a complex combat system that is difficult to learn but extremely satisfying to master. However, it isn’t perfect as there isn’t much variety in the loot you collect, and the incredibly rushed pacing of the story barely gives players time to invest in the characters or the setting.

Despite those flaws, however, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty manages to come out on top as a superb action RPG and is a must-play for fans of the soulslikes genre. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Xbox Cloud Gaming and is currently on Xbox Game Pass.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

From the creators of Nioh, Team Ninja presents their latest action RPG soulslike title, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Journey to a dark world gripped by war and fight demonic beasts and legendary warriors to restore peace to the land.

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