Boom Ball 3 for Kinect launches on Xbox One this month

Despite the fact that Microsoft is no longer manufacturing the Kinect camera, Virtual Air Guitar Company continues to develop Kinect games for fans of motion controlled experiences. Aki Kanerva, Founder and Lead Designer at Virtual Air Guitar Company, said, "We keep believing in Kinect family fun. There are many Kinect owners out there and we want to keep providing great experiences for everyone."

Boom Ball 3 for Kinect provides ping-pong fun for up to two players players of all ages. The fifty new levels are set across landscapes ranging from the French countryside to sand-blasted deserts. Even mythical cities like Atlantis and exotic alien planets make an appearance! The two-player mode introduced in Boom Ball 2 now takes up less space. Thankfully, players are no longer required to stand in specific positions anymore.

The game also offers new difficulty modes for players looking for an intense challenge. In the Fast and Turbo modes, you have fewer balls, and the speed of the projectiles increases. This makes it difficult to position your hands in the correct spot at all times. Only the most skillful players will be able to succeed here.

Lastly, players can now customize their paddles to add more flair and personalization. By completing levels, gamers unlock icons and special effects. Just like many Kinect games, you can also use the camera to take a photo and superimpose it on the paddles. The game will be available exclusively on Xbox One for $9.99 in a few weeks.

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Asher Madan

Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.