Buy Destiny for the Xbox 360 and you'll get it free when you upgrade to the Xbox One

Looking forward to playing Destiny this Tuesday, but don't have an Xbox One? That's alright, you can digitally grab Destiny on your Xbox 360 and upgrade for free when you do get the Xbox One someday. It's a cool little promotion the guys at Bungie are running for those who haven't made the upgrade to the latest generation of consoles.

Here's how it works. Just buy or redeem the Destiny Digital Base Game or Expansion Pass for Xbox 360 on or before January 15th, 2015. Then you can download the Xbox One copy from the Xbox Store for free. This also works for the Destiny Limited Edition or Destiny Ghost Edition on the Xbox 360. So long as buy/redeem before January 15, 2015.

Once you do get the Xbox One, you just need to download the game from the Xbox Store using the same Microsoft account that you used to buy it on the Xbox 360.

What's really cool is that all the work you do in the Xbox 360 version of the game will carry over to the Xbox One. That means your Guardian, progress, stats and gear won't be lost.

This also works if you're in the PlayStation family, you can buy the PlayStation 3 version and upgrade for free when you get a PlayStation 4. Keep in mind you can't jump ships to a different console family. If you buy Destiny for the Xbox 360 you'll only get it for free on the Xbox One, not the PS4. Full details on the offer at Bungie's site.

Anyone still on the Xbox 360 going to grab Destiny?

Source: Bungie

Sam Sabri