Buy Destiny for the Xbox 360 and you'll get it free when you upgrade to the Xbox One

Looking forward to playing Destiny this Tuesday, but don't have an Xbox One? That's alright, you can digitally grab Destiny on your Xbox 360 and upgrade for free when you do get the Xbox One someday. It's a cool little promotion the guys at Bungie are running for those who haven't made the upgrade to the latest generation of consoles.

Here's how it works. Just buy or redeem the Destiny Digital Base Game or Expansion Pass for Xbox 360 on or before January 15th, 2015. Then you can download the Xbox One copy from the Xbox Store for free. This also works for the Destiny Limited Edition or Destiny Ghost Edition on the Xbox 360. So long as buy/redeem before January 15, 2015.

Once you do get the Xbox One, you just need to download the game from the Xbox Store using the same Microsoft account that you used to buy it on the Xbox 360.

What's really cool is that all the work you do in the Xbox 360 version of the game will carry over to the Xbox One. That means your Guardian, progress, stats and gear won't be lost.

This also works if you're in the PlayStation family, you can buy the PlayStation 3 version and upgrade for free when you get a PlayStation 4. Keep in mind you can't jump ships to a different console family. If you buy Destiny for the Xbox 360 you'll only get it for free on the Xbox One, not the PS4. Full details on the offer at Bungie's site.

Anyone still on the Xbox 360 going to grab Destiny?

Source: Bungie

Sam Sabri
  • I might get it for all three of my systems!
    First ill get it on my 360, then I'll get it on my Xbox One (home console) and then on my other Xbox One (one I use my profile on) so ill basically be getting 3 for 1!
  • Stop
  • Why...would you want the game three times? Damn this Destiny fanboyism is getting out of hand..
  • One for my girlfriend, one for me and one for my bud when he comes over (360). I usually get digital so me and my girl can both play and I only have to buy one game
  • You sir are one fine boyfriend.
  • Why would you not use your profile on your home Xbox?
  • No need to when I can play all my stuff on a different Xbox and my girlfriend can is my home Xbox to play my stuff as well
  • I salute you sir for your fine boyfriendism
  • Beginning of 3rd paragraph, some typo/grammar thing.
  • will it still work on the 360 as well?
  • Yes, you are getting two licenses for the price of one. This is answered in the FAQ on the Destiny page
  • Actually its like getting 4 for the price of 1. If you own two 360's and two xbox ones you simply have to purchase the content on the "home" xbox and anybody who has gold in the case of 360 or anybody who creates an account on xbox one can use that content. Then you can sign in with the purchasing account on another 360 or xbox one and you can play it as well with them. I have my own 360 and I bought my sister a 360 as well. I buy all my digital games on her xbox with my account so that we can both play them even online together, essentialy gettin two games for the price of 1 is awesome but in the case of destiny's deal it's like getting 4 for the price of one. Quadruple Awesome! 
  • So buy it on 360, install, run, set up a character, then download digitally on the Xbox One for free?   Nothing stopping you from returning the 360 version to the retailer is there?
  • The promotion is only if you purchase a digital copy for the 360. No returns on bits and bytes!
  • I've never seen a big game like Destiny available for digital download on the 360. Guess this is the first?
  • Are you joking?
  • Erm, only XBLA arcade games and games that are out for years already could be downloaded digitally on the 360. When I had a 360 before I sold it for the One, you couldn't download games like how it is on the Xbox One. So, no, I'm not joking.
  • Unfortuantely you don't seem to know what you are talking about. There are plenty of big games available for download on the 360 and there have been for years. It's called Games on Demand. How big do you think Destiny is? It's only 6.9Gb. GTA V, which came out before Xbox ONE, is available digitally and it is around 15. What did you do sell your 360 months ahead of time or something? There have been big games available digitally for at least a year before GTA V released. I'm thinking you just might be dumb and judging the size of Destiny on the Xbox ONE version which is nearly 19Gb. Which obviusly the 360 version would be nowhere near. Apple and CoD rot your brain.
  • What's wrong with you? No need to be harsh and rude. I stopped playing on my 360 since 2011, so I guess things changed. I thought this generation was everything was able to be downloaded. I guess the 360 has that...
  • You must be joking.....I Downloaded Ghosts, Black Ops II, AC3, Skyrim, Darksiders II on 360 - and none of those are arcade titles.
  • It obviously won't work that way. If you had bothered to read the article you'd know you have to buy the game digitally for this promo.
  • The article that only mentions digital when it comes to Xbox One download? That article? Sorry I don't know all the spcific names of destiny editions if that was meant to be a dead giveaway.
  • The dead giveaway is in the second sentence of the article that says "That's alright, you can digitally grab Destiny on your Xbox 360 and upgrade for free when you do get the Xbox One someday." Since when does digitally mean disc? Reading more then just the headline helps. Going back to school helps more. Maybe some adderall too. Reading comprehesion is a pain. Apparently.
  • Article was updated, but anyway unless you had friends on both it's bad value for an Australian. Can't region jump on Xbox 360 like Xbox One, and games are $100 new on the store.
  • 'For a limited time, whenever you buy a digital copy of Destiny, you will be able to download the next-gen version within the same console family for FREE.' So not quite, but nice idea. I was thinking this too, but you can't return digital games.
  • You have to buy the digital version. Can't return that.
  • This sucks if you get the Ghost Edition like I do. Would've been great if there was something for that one, but no, I'll have to buy it for both. My fiancee plays on 360, but I might get the digital version on 360 so I can have it installed on both 360 consoles. That way we can play together anyhow xD
  • That's what I do ;)
  • Am I doing something wrong?  I was under the same impression, but after downloading it a second time on my other 360, it say only the xbox live account used to purchase can play it. so how do you get a friend to play?
  • No thanks.
  • Sounds good, but 2 things. Can I still play it on my 360 after I get the version for One? And if so, is the progress continually updated or a one time thing?
  • Yes you can.
  • It's designed to let you upgrade to Xbox ONE after playing the 360 version so it is probably a one time thing. Why would you need it more then one time? Why would you switch back and forth between the two versions? There isn't even one reason to go back to 360 after playing the ONE version. I'm guessing you are going to try to play with friends on both consoles. It's called get friends that aren't poor or create seperate characters like every other normal person does.
  • Hatred for the poor?
  • You sir, are a fuck!
  • Darnit I preordered the vanguard edition in a physical store. Sucks.
  • cancel it and get the digital
  • All this does is get it for both the 360 and One. Not really anything else.
  • Yup 360
  • Great idea. I'll be buying straight on the one tho
  • im tempted to switch to 360 version so I can own both. but only if it would still work on both
  • It will work on both. You get two licenses.
  • I don't get this... This only works for those who bought the digital version of it? I just got the disc version of Destiny and sure would like to get a digital version of it on Xone when I have one...
  • just cancel it and get the digital
  • Will try, but I don't think thats an option at this point. Damn...
  • So if you buy destiny on DVD, but get the expansion pass online, you can upgrade?
  • No
  • Bullshit
  • When you get the expansion pass it counts for both systems so there is no reason to upgrade. Just like every season pass for every game ever. Or were you trying to get the Xbox ONE version for free just because you bought the expansion pass digitally for the 360. In which case you would be stupid to expect that to be allowed. Why would they give you a free game for spending half of the price of the original offer? Your logic is bullshit.
  • This shouldn't be a piece of news, but obvious stuff. The same should apply to buying a CD and get the digital download, etc.
  • Yeah, but it doesn't, which means everyone who gets the Ghost Edition for 360 has to purchase it again on Xbox One... Which is BAD! The most expensive version and you'll have to buy it again if you upgrade to next Gen.
  • No I dont think so, the FAQ says you get the expansions on both. Just have to do it before January.15
  • What they mean is that if you buy the ghost edition on 360 you also get the bonus content that the ghost edition includes for free on Xbox ONE. So you don't have to buy the ghost edition twice to get the bonus content. They aren't talking about the game itself.
  • Too bad I already pre-downloaded on my Xbox One.
  • Not really. It works the other way too. If you buy it on the One, you can download it to your 360. Your progress/gear will be updated from playing on either console. Check out the FAQ.
  • No it doesn't, the FAQ mentions nothing of the sort. The promotion is buy last-gen and get next-gen free.
  • It makes no sense for them to allow you to get the 360 version for buying the Xbox ONE version. The purpose of this promotion is to allow you to easily upgrade to next-gen not to give you a free game just for the hell of it. If you already have it on next-gen then you don't need to upggrade, do you?
  • So what I shall do then is download the game on my Xbox 360. Then I will use next week promotion to get an Xbox One w/ Forza & Kinect and some other game (instead of Destiny like I originally was). Then download Destiny for the Xbox One and still have my Destiny on my Xbox 360. So its like I'm getting 3 games on my Xbox One for the price of One game on my 360! Is my math correct!
  • Totally correct! Its an insane deal. Man they are REALLY making it super tempting to get an Xbox one!! bloody bastards....
  • Nice! Guess I wont wait til Oct/nov when I buy my Xbox one.
  • I knew there was a catch. I had planned on pre-ordering the Digital Guardian edition for my One today in order to take advantage of the Pre-order bonuses. Looks like I'll be doing that after all, and my son will miss out on being able to play on his 360 in his room. Turns out, you can NOT pre-order a digital version for the 360, thus missing out on all the pre-order bonuses. I would have to wait until whenever it gets released digitally for the 360 then buy the standard version, then get the standard One version for free. Which would be nice, but I'd miss the pre-order incentives, as would my son. Still, nice deal for those willing to wait till after release....
  • Eh, just pop on over to eBay and nab the codes after release. I guarantee they will be there.
  • Your son won't miss out. It works from the One to the 360 as well. Read the FAQ from the source when you get a chance. It is all explained there.
  • No it doesn't. Buy last-gen, get next-gen free.
  • Turns out you can order a Digital Download for the 360 from GameStop! But nobody incliding Microsoft knows anything about it. www.gamestop .com/xbox-360/games/destiny/108087
  • So, I ordered the digital version on the Xbox can I get the 360 version for free so I can play my friends who dont have a Xbox one yet ? Of course shoudl work the other way around too...
  • Yes, if you purchase a digital copy on the Xbox One, you will also be able to download it on the 360. Not only that, but your progress, stats and gear are shared within the console family. This information is all in the FAQ.
  • No it doesn't, last-gen to next-gen only.
  • Stop telling people this. You are wrong.
  • I can't see any digital preorders avalible for Xbox360. Evertwhere I've checked there are only phisical copies. Can anyone give me a link of a shop that sells a didgital one? Or maybe anyone has some information about the date when digital sells start?
  • You can't preorder digitally on the 360, but you can on ps3. Bungie hates MS
  • Turns out you can order a Digital Download for the 360 from GameStop! But nobody incliding Microsoft knows anything about it. www .gamestop .com/xbox-360/games/destiny/108087
  • Was Destiny supposed to be PS4 only??
  • No, never, nunca.
  • They had an early access deal for the beta. That's it.
  • Oh ok i was wondering cuz i remember the ps4 e3 announcement on the game being from the makers of halo first time making a playstation game
  • This is great actually except that it doesnt specify if you have to buy from bungie store or straight on the xbox 360. That little tid bit is important. When this editor says "That's alright, you can digitally grab Destiny on your Xbox 360" or "Here's how it works. Just buy or redeem the Destiny Digital Base Game or Expansion Pass for Xbox 360 on or before January 15th" Never does it specify where buying digital is eligible which is not only important information for us, but there are many ways to buy digital. So maybe please clarify.
  • How else would you buy it digitally if it wasnt from the console store screen? The FAQ does also explain about the redeem code. It does work, as long as you log onto the XBox One before 15th Jan and press the right buttons. Not sure why youre confused. 
  • So you want to be a smart ###. Ok cool. So this is how. Bungie store sells digital downloads. Meaning you buy from them on your respective console and they give you an unlock code to download on that console. Now with that new information, you can maybe, hopefully understand that if this is limited to purchases on the bungie store this would be very important, due to the fact that if you just buy digital on your xb, you may not be eligible. Its cool, you may not be versed in this area. No big deal. Whether bungie has this posted somewhere or not, my comment is strictly pointed at the OP for not providing the details that would specify limitations, nor does the OP provide any kind of link leading to where this info comes from. And if you would like more details. Good day
  • It was a genuine question, stop being a douche. Its not the OPs responsibility to do your research, fromt he first line of the Bungie FAQ "When I buy/redeem the Destiny Digital Base Game or Expansion Pass for Xbox 360, how do I get the free Xbox One version?" Redeem. So the information you want is where it was linked to. Get off your high horse.
  • My OP was not attacking nor was it rude. I stated that to provide news and not accurately provide the correct information and and source is an issue. You have now sent two posts attacking me. Where you could have been cool and said here bro, a link to clarify. Nope you jumped to being a smart ###. Then again with a second post calling me names. Showing your maturity and intelligence. While the whole time not providing any actually information to that clarifies what I had already stated. Its cool, sorry your life is so upsetting, that you choose to take it out on other ppl on the web. The fact still remains, that if a person is playing the role of a news journalist it might be in their best interest to source there articles and also maybe clarify what they're reporting. Why would I come here if I only get half the news. It is his job to report factual news, and if the news is only partially available to provide a source link. You can argue till your blue in the face. Say what you will and call me more names as I could only expect from some one of limiting maturity. Hope your life gets better.
  • The article had a link to the FAQ, you chose not to read it - your problem. If you had maturity, you'd bother to read the post and the linked FAQ. And you'd stop using words the site keeps replacing with # marks because you are swearing. Its a news site. Short sharp sweet news site that we all love. If the news article provokes more interest, then read the comments or any linked information. The fact you cannot be bothered to read isn't WPCentrals fault. And us in the comments section have to put up with your whining, and long posts. Get over it. Move on, you didn't read it properly. End of.  
  • Wow angry much. Seriously need to chill. You don't have to read nor respond. You choose to, just as thousands chose to not respond. Taking the high road, yes I missed the source posted, my bad. Though looking into the source it doesn't specify restrictions. You should really look into seeking help for that anger. It's not healthy.
  • Nope. You are clearly the angry retaliator, you've descended into tit for tat blinkered by the fact anyone can see you couldn't be bothered to read and try and turn it round on me. (You've even admitted to reading the linked FAQ. Well done. Any ommisions are Bungies fault, not WPCentral) You're making yourself look like a right clown mate.  
  • If you had read my last response, which it's obvious you didn't. You'd see I said "taking the high road, yes I missed the link" now after click said link I found that omission. Interesting you think I'm angry lol. It's cool. You take care. In denial much? Clown? Ok it's the internet. We are all clowns, and fools posting and these sights. Good day :)
  • .
  • Will it work if you already have the One or do you have to upgrade?
  • Xbox 360 --> Xbox One only.
  • I know but if you already have a One when you buy it on the 360 do you still get it for free on the One or only if you get a One after you buy it on the 360
  • Ahhh, it doesn't specifically mention what you are asking, but I would imagine it doesn't matter if you have the One already or not. I wouldn't imagine that they cross check the first time the One was registered.
  • Seems great if we could just advertise that it was on xbox at all.
  • This sounds like a way to inflate sales to me.
  • After reading all this I'm confused so buy digital version on xbox 360 and then get the download on xbox one for free. I'm just wondering if I buy the digital version of destiny on my sons 360 under his profile and then download the one version on my sons profile will I be able to play on my profile. The same way my son can play bf4 and fifa on my xbox one using his own profile.
  • This defiantly has me interested. Have yet to get an Xbox One, but have been holding off on most new games since I do want to upgrade soon. Very smart marketing.
  • YES! YES! YES!
  • Ahh can't make up my mind to go digital, its such a sweet deal. To cancel my pre order at my local Microsoft store? First 100 ppl at the launch party tomorrow night get a free swag bag of destiny stuff. Eeeek. I have 24 hours to decide!
  • Get both xD keep the bag and sell the physical versión to a friend, then get digital one, even if u sell the phys ver a lil cheapier it will be worth i think
  • i bought the 360 hard copy at gamestop but then i downloaded the expansion pass seperate from the xbox store. what will i have to pay to upgrade the disc to xbox one after i get the xbox one?
  • If I bought the disk before Jan 2015 can I turn it in for a digital download?