Synology DS119j

Best answer: Due to its budget-friendly pricing, it's not possible to access and replace the RAM in the Synology DS119j. I'd recommend going with the DS218+ instead, especially if you want to do more intensive tasks.

Amazon: Synology DS218+ ($298)

Inaccessible RAM in the budget NAS

Because the DS119j is Synology's budget entry into its NAS catalog, the company made some design choices, including having the RAM embedded onto the main PCB. This means it's not possible for you to upgrade the RAM inside this NAS. If you plan to do some intense NAS processing and require additional system memory, you'll need to spend a little more on a better equipped Synology NAS.

The DS218+ comes rocking two hard drive bays, which is far better for data redundancy and storage capacity. It also has an improved processor, additional USB 3.0 ports, and — most importantly — upgradable RAM. There are a few downsides, which include the almost $200 more expensive pricing and higher power draw.

Spending an additional $200 on a NAS isn't something you're likely to be fond of if the DS119j is within your budget, but in order to enjoy enhanced functionality and features, you'll need to part with additional cash. The DS128+ is better suited for a Plex media server with multiple users connected at once. The DS119j is good for file storage and energy efficiency, but not so much for media playback.

Our pick

Synology DS218+

The best Synology NAS for price and performance.

Synology's DS218+ is not only more powerful than the DS119j, sports an additional hard drive bay, and USB 3.0 ports, the NAS also allows you to replace and upgrade the RAM. It's a better option if you believe you'll outgrow the capabilities of the budget NAS.

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