Canadians can get Dell's 27-inch 1440p monitor on sale for CAD $500 today

Dell S2721dgf Gaming Monitor B7wb
Dell S2721dgf Gaming Monitor B7wb (Image credit: Amazon)

Dell's Canadian deals page changes all the time, whether you need a new laptop or a new desktop. What you might need right now is a great monitor, and if you're looking for an upgrade then look no further than today's deal. The Dell S2721DGF 27-inch 1440p gaming monitor is down to CAD $499.99 today, which is CAD $250 off what it normally goes for in the same space. This is a great price, but Dell says it only has limited quantities so it may sell out before long.

The key to this monitor is that it's not too crazy. The price is at least affordable, and for that price you actually get some fantastic specs. It's a screen I'd say gets you a lot of "bang for your buck" as the saying goes. Dell's 27-inch screen has a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is the sweet spot for gamers who want more than the basic resolution but don't want to spring a few hundred more for 4K. It also has a refresh rate of 144Hz that can be boosted to 165Hz with the right connection. That's also extremely nice for gamers, well above the 60Hz standard and perfect for anyone that plays games like Call of Duty or the new Battlefield 2042.

To add onto all of that, it uses an IPS panel while still maintaining a response time of 1ms. That's excellent for IPS panels because they usually have much slower response times, and with IPS you still get color accuracy and great viewing angles. The monitor also has native AMD FreeSync technology, which helps reduce screen tearing when combined with an AMD graphics card. If you're using a Nvidia graphics card and it's in the 20xx or 30xx series, you can use Nvidia G-Sync when connected via DisplayPort as the screen is G-Sync Compatible. DisplayPort is also the connection you'll need to hit that max 165Hz refresh rate anyway, so it makes since to use it if you can.

The back includes the DisplayPort, two HDMI ports, and two USB-A 3.0 ports for connecting other peripherals.

John Levite
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