Check out the Xbox Live Achievements for Gun Bros and Contract Killer on Windows Phone

Gun Bros

WPCentral was pleased to bring our readers the first announcement of Gun Bros and Contract Killer, two upcoming Xbox Live games from Glu Mobile. Not only do both games look pretty fun (especially Gun Bros), but they won’t break the bank. That’s because they’re freemium titles, meaning the games themselves cost nothing. Players can opt to spend real money (in the form of Microsoft Points) to purchase items, but PDLC is not required to complete either title.

We have it on good authority that one of these two games (probably Contract Killer) will launch within the next month or two, with the other soon to follow. In the meantime, let’s check out their Xbox Live Achievements! Glu has kindly provided us with the exclusive debut of Gun Bros’ Achievement list. Head past the break to see what it will take to complete Gun Bros and Contract Killer.

Gun Bros Achievements List:

  • Veteran: Reached Level 20
  • Royalty: Saved 100,000 coin
  • Bro-Up: Completed a Bro-Op Challenge!
  • Buffed Up: Got a Bro Buff
  • Ravager: Service 5000 targets
  • Destroyer: Service 20,000 targets
  • Annihilator: Service 50,000 targets
  • Legend: Reach level 100
  • Hero: Reach level 50
  • Alpha: Complete Revolution 1 on any planet
  • Omega: Complete Revolution 10 on any planet A Gun Rack: Purchase 8 guns from the store
  • Fashionista: Purchase 20 armors pieces from the store Power Hour: Purchase 60 power ups from the store Perfect 100: Complete 100 unique perfect waves
  • Pistoleer: Service 1000 targets with pistols
  • Rifleman: Service 1000 targets with rifles
  • Shotgunner: Service 1000 targets with shotguns
  • Spreader: Service 1000 targets with spread guns
  • Streaker: Destroy 30 zombies in a single streak

Contract Killer Achievements List:

  • Professional: Kill 100 Bosses
  • The Assassin: Kill 100 enemies
  • Hired Gun: Reach Level 10
  • Contract Killer: Reach Level 20
  • Exterminator: Reach Level 40
  • Elite Sniper: Score 500 headshots
  • Survivor: Die 50 times
  • Mad Skills: Kill 3 enemies with One Shot Barrage Of Bullets: Fire 1000 Rounds Deep Sleep: Capture 500 Enemies
  • Ironhand: Kill 25 Enemies without Misses Surgical Precision: Score a Headshot While Target is Running
  • Mathematician: Receive x3 Multiplier 25 Times
  • Medic: Use 100 Medkits
  • Unrivaled: Kill 13 People in 15 Seconds
  • Citizen Of The World: Unlock 10 informants
  • Addicted: Receive 7 Daily Bonuses in a Row
  • Connoisseur: Buy 10 weapons
  • Loaded: Unlock All Ammo Types

Each game’s Achievements are worth a total of 200 GamerScore.

Want to sample these games right now, PC users? Just load up the Google Chrome browser and head over here to play Contract Killer and here to play Gun Bros.

Paul Acevedo

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  • Now thats what i want freemium XBL games
  • I'm level 52 on gun bros now, I cant wait for this to come out on wp7, I hope gun bros comes out first
  • Same old mess.. What will come to windows phone.. How about telling us when its out. Rumor central
  • Angry much?
  • I really don't see what point you're trying to make. Please don't troll here.
  • "freemium" games designed to get money out of your wallet. I have no problem in spending money on games, but their design shouldn't be made around the idea of getting it, it's way more honest to pay upfront.
  • Some of those achievements look like they're going to take awhile... More grinding to ensue!
  • I don't like "freemium" games. I think that's a evil new concept to hide that the game actually costs. I hope this trend won't continue because I never download those games as they make me feel cheated. I much rather pay money upfront even though I end up not playing the game very much.
    Basically I agree with this regarding the mobile gaming industry:

  • Freemium games can widely vary in quaity and value, but it's a popular and important business model. Here's a recent article which talks about Halfbrick's experience in releasing the same game in both formats: Halfbrick: Paying for mobile games isn't dead
  • Gun Bros stayed in rotation on my iPhone. Very excited for this one to come out. The freemium model is awesome.
  • People complaiing about free games, yes some games suck unless you buy stuff, but you can play gun bros without the need to buy anything....i have been playing on my android device since i heard it was coming to wp7 (like a week), and i would have all but 4-5 achievement and i have yet to buy anything, but there are some super guns that you can buy....this isnt like bug village where you cant earn acrons unless you buy them With gunbros you can earn warbucks and coins buy playing, or you can buy $500 worth of warbucks to be able to afford this one gun lbvs