Chime in: Does the Surface Go suggest a shift in pricing?

Surface is generally a pretty pricey business to be in, but there has never been any suggestion that it's a mass market product range. Surface is the best of what Windows 10 devices can be, but the new Surface Go also has a very attractive price.

And it's this that's the focus down in our latest forums discussion.

Does the introduction of the surface Go signal a less premium approach by Microsoft towards its surface line, cuz why a $400(500) Go when a sick surface Pro is already killing it?


It's important to remember that a more affordable Surface isn't a new concept to Microsoft. The Surface 3 was the last, and while not perfect, it certainly hit a more attractive price point than the Surface Pro, Laptop, and Book.

Personally, I wouldn't be looking too much into the price. It's a small Surface with less powerful internal hardware so it's naturally going to cost less. It's also a great entry point to the Surface family for folks who can't or won't pay the much higher price of its bigger brothers.

Best Accessories for Microsoft Surface Go

But what say you. Do you think Microsoft should start dropping the price, and at what cost to design and hardware? Would the company ever compromise this way outside of an absolute entry level product?

Hit the forums thread below and join the discussion.

Is a shift happening with the price of the Surface Go?

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