Contra, RoboBlitz, and more games hit the Xbox backward compatibility list

It's been a relatively quiet week for Xbox One backward compatibility releases so far, but Microsoft is busting that open with 5 new additions to the list. Most notably, the Xbox 360 Arcade release of Contra is now available to play via backward compatibility, along with 4 other, smaller titles.

Contra serves up all of the run-and-gun action anyone who has played the arcade classic should be familiar with. The Xbox Arcade release includes achievements to earn, as well as co-op multiplayer modes and more.

As for the other releases in this batch, RoboBlitz offers a total of 19 action-packed physics-based puzzle levels with goofy characters and plenty of weapons to check out. 3D Ultra Minigolf and Golf: Tee It Up! offer virtual golf outings of the either the miniature or long-form variety. Lastly, Gin Rummy gives you access to different variations of the classic card game.

None of these are as earth-shattering as last week's long-awaited Black Ops II release, but they're welcome nonetheless. If you already own any of then new titles, you should be able to jump in and start playing on your Xbox One right away. Also be sure to check out our running list of backward compatible games for more.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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