Control your Xbox remotely with an Amazon Echo Dot for as low as $28

Echo Dot 4th Gen Lifestyle
Echo Dot 4th Gen Lifestyle (Image credit: Amazon)

Time to add another device to your smart home. The 4th-generation Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker has dropped to a low price of $27.99 through Amazon. This is the first time it has ever dropped this low outside of big sales events like Black Friday. Heck, it's the first time we've seen it go on sale this year. The speaker, Amazon's latest generation, normally goes for around $50. You're saving a good chunk of change and you can pick between the three color options to find your favorite.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th-gen | $22 off

Amazon Echo Dot 4th-gen | $22 off

At this price, you can put a smart speaker in every room of the house. There are some other options on sale as well, including this same device with a smart plug for just $5 more. Pick your favorite color, too, and still save.

You can save in other ways, too. For example, if you want a smart plug you can control through your new Echo Dot, get the two combined together for just $32.99. That's basically giving you the smart plug for just $5 extra.

If your most common question to Amazon Alexa is "What time is it?" then grab the version with a built-in LED clock for $39.99. That's $20 off its regular price and the best deal we've seen since December. Get the Kids Edition of the Echo Dot for the same $39.99 price, which is also a $20 discount.

The Echo Dot is one of our picks for the best media remotes for the Xbox. With Alexa's Xbox skill, you can control the Xbox with your voice. Turn it on or off, load up games or your favorite streaming app, turn down the volume, and more.

Plus, this version is much more powerful than previous versions. It has volume that can fill a room and you can stream your favorite music from just about anywhere. Get the news, get the weather, find out the answers to all your pressing questions with some simple voice commands. The things you can do with a smart speaker like this grow all the time.

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