Cooler Master's MH-751 gaming headset has dropped to an all new low of $60

The Cooler Master MH-751 gaming headset (opens in new tab) is down to $59.99 on Amazon. This headset normally sells for around $80 and sometimes as high as $90. Today's deal beats one we shared back in March when the headset dropped to $62 temporarily.

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Cooler Master MH-751 gaming headset for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 (opens in new tab)

When you're gaming or on your computer for a long time, you want headphones this comfortable.

While only a couple months old, the MH-751 have very positive reviews (opens in new tab) for the few users who have taken the plunge already. They have 40mm neodymium drivers for a full, balanced sound. The headset is designed for comfort with swiveling ear cups, plush cushions, and leatherette padding. You can use them on any platform where you can plug in via the 3.5mm jack, and the omni-directional boom mic gives you crystal-clear communication by reducing background noises and isolating your voice. The swiveling cups also go well with the detachable cable and mic to give you a foldable design that's easy to travel with.

John Levite
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