The Corsair K55 keyboard on sale for $40 has RGB lighting and multimedia controls

Corsair K
Corsair K

The Corsair K55 RGB membrane keyboard has dropped to $39.99 at Amazon. This price matches the lowest we've seen on the K55 keyboard, which normally goes for around $50. It actually hasn't dropped this low since the last deal we shared on it way back in April of last year. You can also find this deal at Best Buy and Newegg. This is part of a sale that's going on through the weekend so you'll only have a limited amount of time to save on it.

Corsair K55 RGB membrane keyboard

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Has three dynamic RGB backlighting zones with 10+ lighting modes. Includes 6 programmable macro keys capable of complex actions. Dedicated volume and multimedia controls. Quiet keys and anti-ghosting to remember all your actions.

This is a great budget keyboard if you're just looking for a comfortable way to type and a super responsive device that's great for both regular typing work and gaming. It has three backlighting zones capable of dynamic RGB lighting. It even comes with more than 10 preconfigured vivid lighting modes so you can choose your favorite immersive effects. Change it up based on your mood or just stick with an effect that works for you.

Use the six programmable macro keys to create custom actions you can execute. Remap keys, set up combos, and automate tasks you do every day or in every game you play. The choices are yours. The keyboard also has dedicated volume and multimedia controls for direct control of your audio that won't interupt your game. Learn to adjust all your settings on the fly so you don't have to interupt whatever you're doing.

While not mechanical switches, the keys on this keyboard will still give you a satisfying feel. They are also quiet so they won't distract you or accidentally get picked up by your mic.

Don't worry about typing too fast, either. The keyboard's anti-ghosting feature helps ensure no matter how many keys you hit simultaneously, they will all get picked up. Connects to any PC via USB.

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