Custom gamer and club pics roll out to Xbox Insiders on the Alpha ring

Another highly requested feature is now available for Xbox Insiders on the Alpha ring to check out: custom gamerpics. Microsoft has no opened up testing for both gamerpics and club pics, letting those on the Alpha ring choose to display their own images for the first time.

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Using the feature doesn't require downloading a new build; all it required was Microsoft flipping a switch on its end. That said, you do have to jump through some hoops to use your own custom picture on your profile. You'll first have to load your image up onto a USB flash drive, insert the drive into your Xbox One, and then choose your new pic under My Profile > Customize Profile > Change Gamerpic. The same process can be carried out for clubs from your club info page.

It's a bit of a hassle right now, but it's likely we'll eventually see OneDrive added as an option in the future in addition to flash drives. For now, if you're on the Alpha ring, you should be able to start experimenting with custom gamerpics and club pics now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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