Surface Pro

The original Microsoft Surface Pro launched last year and while the Windows 8 tablet itself has yet to celebrate an entire year in the hands of the general public, Best Buy in the US has the product available for just $499.99. The regular listing price is stated to be $899.99, saving consumers $400 when making the purchase. While this isn't the Surface Pro 2, if you're looking for a premium tablet to power through daily tasks this deal will be a difficult one to overlook. 

Microsoft Surface Pro BB Deal

Compared against its successor, the hardware is pretty much identical should you exclude the adjustable kickstand and latest generation Intel chips. This particularly unit comes with 128GB internal storage, which is more than enough for software, some games and personal media. A 10.6-inch display (1920x1080) with pen input support, full-size USB and Bluetooth 4.0, the Surface Pro has all the features when it comes to mobile computing.

Will you be looking to pick one up and take advantage of this price cut?

Source: Best Buy; thanks, HeyCori, for the tip!

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