Memoridal Day Clearance

This weekend we’ll be seeing some cool stuff on sale. If you were quick you grabbed a Nokia wireless charger for $25 last night. Don’t worry if you missed that, there’s plenty more to save on. The Microsoft Store is getting in the clearance mindset and has a handful of gadgets and gizmos for sale. Let’s check out some of the good ones.

If you wanted to save $200 while still spending some big bucks you’ll want to look at the deal on the Dell XPS One 27 All-in-One. This is a machine I’ve had my eyes on for quiet sometime. Once you get past the 27-inch display with a drool inducing 2560x1440 resolution you’ll find a machine capable of handling most of your tasks. It normally goes for $1,999 at the Microsoft Store, but you can grab it for $1,799 this weekend.

Music fans will want to check out the Nokia Purity headphones on sale. Those normally go for $199, but you’ll get them for a Benjamin this weekend at $99. We took a look at them back in December if you’re interested in our impression. Or just watch the video below.

Other than those two, you’ll find a handful of Windows 8 machines – both tablets and laptops. Some Xbox 360 games and other accessories. There’s even a Kingston Digital SDXC card on sale. It has 128GB and normally goes for $179.99, but this weekend it’s a cool $99.99. Not bad. Hit up the source for more deals from the Microsoft Store. Don’t forget the Microsoft Store has free shipping and free returns.

Source: Microsoft Store, Via: Windows Phone Daily

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