The UK Dell Swarm for the Venue Pro has finished within 90 minutes of launch. The device was priced at £179.50 (about $285 US), a half price steep drop from the usual £359.00 and a reported 60 units were snapped up in an expected rush.  We saw a similiar price reduction on Dell's U.S. website some months ago.

Featuring a 4.1" AMOLED screen, bottom-sliding QWERTY keyboard and SD card compatibility, it's been a crowd favourite, regardless of the software issues.  It's a Windows Phone that grows on you.  

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This could be a move by Dell to clear out inventory and get out of the Windows Phone market.  Hopefully, it's a move to clear the stock shelves to make room for a 2nd generation handset from Dell with FF camera and a smarter rear camera? One can only dream.

Source: Dell Swarm, via: WMPU