Destiny 2: New Trials of Osiris armor teased by Bungie

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Image credit: Bungie)

What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 developer Bungie has shown a sneak peek at new Trials of Osiris armor sets coming in Season 13.
  • This will be the first new set of Trials armor added since the mode's arrival in Season 10 last year.
  • Season 13 begins on February 10, 2021 following the conclusion of Season 12.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has shown fans a sneak peek at new Trials of Osiris armor sets that are being added to the game in Season 13, the name of which we don't know yet. Compared to the Egyptian-themed sets from the launch of Trials, these armors feature a much more aggressive and "edgy" style. You can have a look at the armors in the Tweet below.

Notably, this is the first set of new armor being added to the pinnacle PvP activity since Trials of Osiris launched during Season 10 in Spring 2020. Fans have been pretty unhappy with Trials of Osiris loot in general, so hopefully these new armor sets get players excited to play the mode again.

Season 13 is slated to begin on February 10, 2021, a day after Season 12 (the current season) ends. It's unclear if these armor sets will be added right away or if they're coming later in the season, but ultimately, we just hope they're coming sooner rather than later.

What do you think of the new armor? As someone who doesn't really care for much Destiny 2 PvP, I'm pretty apathetic, although I do think it's great that Trials is getting more items in its loot pool. Let me know what you think below, and make sure to check out Destiny 2: Beyond Light if you haven't already. In my review, I stated that the expansion "has an excellent campaign, Raid, and worldspace," and some of the loot in it is very powerful as well. It's available on all platforms for $40. If you've never played Destiny 2 before but you want to see what one of the best Xbox One shooters has to offer, don't miss my beginner's guide on how to get into Destiny 2 in 2021.

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