Dodonpachi Maximum jumps spaceship to iOS this week

Platform exclusivity isn’t what it used to be these days. Several Windows Phone-exclusive Xbox games have moved to iOS in the past, including Kinectimals, Tentacles, Rocket Riot, Max and the Magic Marker, and more. Microsoft has even published Halo Waypoint and Xbox Live companion apps for Apple's competing platform. We can now add WP7’s sole Japanese-developed exclusive to that list as well. Dodonpachi Maximum from CAVE hits iOS on October 26.

Dodonpachi Maximum is a vertically-scrolling bullet hell shoot-em-up based on two previous shmups, Dodonpachi: Blissful Death and Dodonpachi Resurrection, both of which are already available on iOS. Presented as a computer-generated simulation, the game utilizes a unique dot matrix appearance for the enemy ships along with simple vector-based backgrounds. It also features tons and ton of bullets to dodge and get killed by. Many hardcore gamers cite it as their favorite WP7 game. Check out our review of the Windows Phone version and interview with the developer if you haven’t already.

iPad screen

The iOS version boasts the following features:

  • New Easy Mode with a brand new story! Uncover the mystery behind super-hacker 1 Minute Rae as she breaks into the coveted weapons technology firm EVAC Inc.
  • Multiple control options! Trigger Maximum's massive laser bomb with a double-tap!
  • Multiple unlockable ships! Kick the tires and light the fires with EVAC CO.’s latest technological marvel: the MX-07 marauding cat robot (Uoratou). You can also unlock more ships as you get better at the game!
  • Character voices, phone vibration when you get hit + much more
  • New arranged soundtrack by fan-favorite Wasi303!

Dodonpachi Maximum Rae

I’ve bolded the elements that aren’t currently included in the Windows Phone version. Of course, CAVE has already announced a forthcoming free update to our version that will add the new Easy Mode. Check out an exclusive image of the new character, 1 Minute Rae (prounced 'Ray' and should really be spelled 'Rei') at right. No word yet whether the update will also add the new cat ship Uoratou, but we can hope! Me, I’m crossing my fingers that Achievements will still be unlockable in Easy Mode, but in most of CAVE’s Xbox 360 titles, Achievements are locked to specific difficulty levels and game types. Speaking of ‘cheevos, no, the update will not introduce new ones.

From a gaming standpoint, Windows Phone 7 doesn't have a ton of selling points beyond Xbox Live Achievements and a few quality exclusive games. Keep in mind that CAVE is the publisher of Maximum across all platforms, so this isn't like Microsoft bringing Kinectimals to iPhone last year. Anyay, the sting of losing a precious exclusive is somewhat alleviated by the iOS version’s price: $11.99 compared to $4.99 on Windows Phone. However, the game will launch on sale for $6.99 from 10/26-10/29 before the price shoots up. It’s a ‘universal app,’ meaning the graphics are optimized for both iPhone and iPad screen resolutions. It requires iOS 5.1 and runs slower on iPhone 4.

If you’re still interested in Dodonpachi Maximum for good ol’ WP7, get it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Paul Acevedo

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