Does the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 come with digital pen?

Does the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 come with digital pen?

Best answer: Yes, the Yoga Book C930 does come included with Lenovo's Active Pen. It connects with Bluetooth and uses Wacom AES technology to offer 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, and it has a single eraser button on the top for quick commands. It can be used on the standard upper display with Windows Ink, and it can also be used on the lower E Ink display with some proprietary apps.Lenovo: Yoga Book C930 ($1,050)

What's so special about the Yoga Book C930's E Ink display?

Alongside the standard 10.8-inch touch display with 2560x1600 resolution in its usual spot is a secondary display that replaces a physical keyboard and touchpad. The lower 10.8-inch E Ink display has a 1920x1080 (FHD) resolution and serves multiple purposes, making this laptop a bit more versatile than other convertibles.

For traditional use, the E Ink display can be turned into four different keyboards, and it has a customizable touchpad that can be hidden until you need to use it. There isn't the same typing experience as you'd find with a true keyboard — and it's probably not a great choice if you primarily type all day — but Lenovo has done its best to emulate the real thing. There is a bit of vibration when hitting keys, keys shift visually when hit, and there's some audio feedback to let you know you're hitting true. To save space, the touchpad can be configured to hide when not in use, or it can be permanently displayed below the virtual spacebar.

Thanks to some proprietary apps, you can use the same Lenovo Active Pen on the E Ink display. There's a Note app that lets you jot down your thoughts, and a Reader app lets you view PDFs on a display that's far easier on the eyes, much like a Kindle or Nook. Hopefully one day, full e-reader support will come to the Book C930.

Response time when using the pen with the E Ink display is slower and doesn't feel as natural as using it on the standard touch display, but it's certainly manageable. Having the ability to keep your other screen free and displaying information while writing on the E Ink screen is also a boon if you're one to take notes on what you're reading or studying.

Who is the Yoga Book C930 intended for?

The relatively light hardware inside the Book C930 and short battery life coupled with the E Ink display makes this device ideal for anyone who prefers inking over typing, and anyone who doesn't need a laptop to handle all tasks all day. It's best used for things like browsing the web, writing a few quick emails, reading PDF files, and jotting down notes while studying.

The standard display's crisp resolution and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity make for a natural writing and drawing feeling with Windows Ink, and the E Ink display is best used with the active pen rather than the digital keyboard option. The Book C930 is on the expensive side considering what's on offer here, but it's definitely a boundary-pushing device that a select few will need to have.

Grab the Yoga Book C930 and included active pen if you love inking on your laptop

It has its downsides, but the Yoga Book C930 and included active pen are a great fit for anyone who loves inking on their Windows 10 laptop.

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