Does Samsung Galaxy Book2 have a microSD memory card slot?

Samsung Galaxy Book2
Samsung Galaxy Book2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Does Samsung Galaxy Book2 have a microSD memory card slot?

Best answer: The Galaxy Book2 does come with a microSD card slot that can be used for transferring files and expanding storage.Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Book2 ($1,000)Amazon: Samsung Evo Select ($14)

Small storage

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 only has one storage option: 128GB. The good news is that the built-in storage is an SSD, so you'll get fast bootups and longer battery. The bad news is that there isn't a lot of it. While there are ways to make that work, you'll likely want more storage if you deal with larger files and apps. Additionally, microSD cards provide flexibility to move files between devices such as cameras.

Windows 10 works well with external storage devices and the Galaxy Book2 will handle files from a microSD card better than an iPad.

You can also leave the microSD card in the device and load apps onto it if you prefer to maintain the largest amount of native storage space on your device possible.

Best card

While the Galaxy Book2 can work with any microSD card, it's important to get one that works with your workflow. The Samsung Evo Plus is a class 10 microSD card with a UHS 3 classification. It has 100MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds. That means that it's quick enough to record 4K video on your external devices and then transfer them to your PC.

It's also one of the most affordable cards in its class, starting at $14. It's important to note that some storage variants of the Evo Select are only UHS 1. You'll want to 64GB or 128GB variants.

Other options

While the Samsung Evo Select is a great bargain, it is exclusive to Amazon. If you can't order from Amazon in your area or just want to use a different card or retailer, you can use other microSD cards with your device.

A good alternative is the SanDisk Extreme UHS 3. This card has great read and write speeds and will work well for storing files or apps. It also has a smaller 32GB variant that is only $13.

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