Don't miss out on this free $5 or $10 credit towards Kindle eBooks at Amazon

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Keeping up with any lengthy 2020 reading list won't be cheap, but Amazon has an offer that could help out just a bit. Select accounts can receive $5 or $10 to be used towards Kindle eBooks, and all you have to do is click one of the links below to accept the credit. Your account may be eligible for both offers, though you'll only be able to redeem one. That means you'll want to try the $10 link first.

Free $5 or $10 Kindle eBook credit

Free $5 or $10 Kindle eBook credit

Amazon's giving select accounts a free $5 or $10 credit towards their next Kindle eBook purchase! There are no strings attached either; just check the links to see if you're eligible and be sure to use the credit within 14 days.

If you're included in the lucky group of members who are eligible this offer, you'll be able to click a 'Redeem' button on the link above to have the credit automatically applied to your account. From that point, you'll have 14 days to use the credit before it expires. That means you'll want to start thinking of what you'll want to buy right now.

The best part about Kindle eBooks is that you don't need a Kindle to read any of them. While having a Kindle e-reader is arguably the best way to experience eBooks, you can also download the free Kindle app on a myriad of devices such as smartphones and tablets so you can read the books you've purchased on those devices as well. You can read them using your internet browser, too.

If you are interested in purchasing a Kindle, you're in luck as a number of models are currently on sale. You can pick up the new Kindle Paperwhite for $94.99 or the latest Kindle on sale for $64.99. The Kindle Kids Edition is nearly 25% off right now as well! Unsure of what to spend your credit on? Amazon's bestsellers list can guide you through some of the best new and classic novels that are worth a read.

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