HP puts the Elite x3 without dock on sale for $699 in the US

Earlier in my review this week I mentioned how HP had planned to sell their Elite x3 running Windows 10 Mobile without the Desk Dock. True to their word you can now order the Elite x3 through HP's Small and Medium Business Store for $699 - $100 cheaper than with the Desk Dock.

Keep in mind HP includes discounts for bundles. The Desk Dock by itself retails for $150 pushing your cost up to $850 were you to buy it and the Elite x3 separately. Same for the $599 Lap Dock, which is getting ready to be sold. If bought as three-piece bundle the cost is $1298, which is $150 less than buying all three separately.

No word if HP will expand this offering to their main online store or the Microsoft Store. We also haven't checked all HP stores worldwide especially since eventually the Elite x3 will be available in 51 countries.

To find the Elite x3 at this price just go to the HP SMB store (opens in new tab) and search for "HP Elite x3 X5V50AA#ABA". You can also order all three items – Desk Dock, Lap Dock, and Elite x3 - for $1298. Both have an expected ship date of October 31.

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  • OK, who dribbled on the phone?
  • Put it on all 4 major carriers, and we have a deal.
  • Are you going to buy from all 4? No. The reaosn its only on ATT because its GSM and because most businesses who use Windows use ATT. It doesnt need ot be on all carriers. You arent going to buy it either way.
  • Are you nutz? Have you not seen how poor visibility (amongst other things) has slaughtered WP success? Seriously? You've gotta be joking. And, don't give me that "it's supposed to be for enterprise" BS... That's probably the only worthy phone in America, that's in production, running Windows. Give me a break. MS, and it's partners need to do any, and everything, they can to market each and every damn single device to the utmost of their abilities, and to EVERYONE!.. If not, then what's the point? You think selling this device to a relatively few enterprise customers is gonna cut it? Ha! Get real. Marketing, and product placement, are absolutely key to success for mobile in 2016. You, and MS need to realize that this is not 1996. Lol. Point is either do something all the way, or don't waste your time, fans time, and share holders time.....
    And, what do you mean this device is only on att? Huh?
    And, yes. If it was on att I would have it in my pocket. Lol. Seriously.
  • I guess you mean if AT&T were financing it for you, you'd have it. It does work on AT&T and T-Mobile in the US and the associated MVNOs.
  • muhahahaha just wait 8months, the price will drop as fast as Trumps preferences after his scandals
  • Yes, it will drop. Unfortunately, I will spend my money on Harley Davidson parts instead.. That's why I wish I could get it on Next with att.
  • Lucky you! That's not unfortunate to spend money on Harley Davidson, I would do that without even think it. Who cares a POS windows mobile device when you have a Harley. 
  • And, this is why this device needs to be marketed to consumers as well. Sure, it's Engadget, but this guy really does a good job of telling it like it is.
  • What scandals? 
  • "Grab them by the p***y."  For starters.
  • That's not a scandal. That's decade old media proproganda garbage, trying to push a 'he's misogynist' agenda. Search for project veritos election rigged. Now that's a scandal!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is it water resistant?
  • Yepers
  • I'd hit that.
  • I've been using it a few weeks now. After a rough start, I would definitely say that this is the phone the old 1520 users have been waiting for...
  • I hit the iPhone 2 years ago and I'm still gushing. 
  • Has anyone tried to make this work on Verizon? Just wondering.
  • Not possible, no CDMA radio.
  • why CDMA?  i think it is hard to pair bring your own phone to CDMA carriers.  
  • HP did say they were working on a CDMA certified for Verizon just never did it because CDMA isn't the most business friendly of all the operator types.
  • It's more complicated than that.
  • Can you do an article explaining about it? I'd be really interested to read about the reasons and I'm sure others would as well.
  • I think Windows Central has covered that a few times actually very in depth also.
  • I assume that it's due to Verizon not pushing Windows Phones. If I remember correctly Microsoft ditched them as a carrier for newer devices, therefore no carriers using CDMA so no support needed in the OS.
  • I think it all started with their love child, the Kin.
  • You're kidding right? Everyone in the US, but you seem to know that the only unlocked phone that can work on all 4 major US carriers is the iPhone, because Apple puts both modems into the device, while others do not.
  • There are a few phones that can work unlocked on Verizon. Motorola has a few and all Nexus devices for the past couple years as well as the new Pixel are compatible with Verizon. Most phones have the CDMA radios, they just aren't enabled as certification for Verizon is expensive. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Better, but it's best to get the dock anyways. Kinda meant to be together
  • With the quality of the dock, you might as well spend the extra $100 if you can.
  • Perfectly timed to coincide with a surprisingly good ad I saw on TV last night for the Elite x3 (similar to, but not quite the same as one that WC highlighted last Friday). They very much underplayed the OS, but rather focused on its capabilities. I think this is a good thing to get people interested again without putting them off right away, just because it's a Windows phone.
  • You can't be sneaky. The instant people realize it's running Windows Phone OS, they are out. Sad but true. Either be confident about it or not. Sneaky will never work.
  • I don't think it's being sneaky, it's showing off specific features as any ad would do which obviously you want to highlight strengths.
  • Exactly, what I've found sometimes is just to have someone watch me do something on my phone/band/xbox/surface that makes them do a double-take, they're pleasantly surprised and genuinely interested. While they may not go out there and then and buy one for themselves, it leaves a good impression. And hearing things like "ugh, I wish my [iPhone / Apple Watch / Apple TV / iPad] could do that" makes me smile every single time.
  • Gotta love the wow factor. I have only gotten it a couple of times myself, but it does feel good when it happens. The good thing is that the people who would buy this phone are the ones who wont care if SnapCrap is on it or not.
  • The 'wow factor' vanished from WP with W10M. It's very much a "less than" ecosystem, and Continuum is nothing more than a party trick. The OS remains unpolished after tireless reboots, compared to Android/iOS - the core apps are painfully slow to launch or resume (especially the camera), and the 32 bit nature of W10M now hampers the HP flagship, rendering a material chunk of its RAM useless. Once you realize how much more evolved even the *Microsoft* apps are on the other platforms, you realize what W10M really is - a hobby OS.  
  • There's a tv ad? Where do you live? What area?
  • It took me completely off-guard and made me incredibly happy to see such an eye-catching ad for a Windows phone. I live near Washington, DC... Ashburn, VA... I think I was watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory on TBS at the time.
  • Im not sure if it was the same one, but I saw two of the same ad on USA the other night (New Orleans area) along with one for their new laptop. It was a pretty short ad, but the phone did look pretty good.
  • Nice! About time!
  • Awesome. That has to be marketed towards consumers, and enterprise... Regardless of what MS plans, or says, HP is obviously not putting all their eggs in one basket. Smart move.
  • Agreed. I think that sometimes manufacturers forget that small businesses don't fall into the Enterprise market, but rather rely on their consumer knowledge and experience to make decisions about what tools they use for their business. Also, with BYOD (bring your own devices) starting to catch on, there are consumers who want a single device that they can use for both personal and work.
  • Exactly... MS better get real.
  • Any numbers out there? How is the phone selling?
  • Terrible. Check Thurrott's article on the latest AdDuplex numbers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • FYI: Elite x3 has not yet been deployed by companies; it is piloting. Don't you know how enterprise works?
  • Are there any numbers about that? How many companies are planning to switch?
  • No. HP has told many they have an assortment of companies who's IT departments are trialing the device now. If/when those companies sign on there is a likely chance HP will mention that (like Microsoft is doing with HoloLens and enterprise). If you listen to our podcast with their VP of Mobility you can hear from them some of their customers/usage scenarios.
  • They may not have deployed them but if they're interested in the device as HP reports, they'd be trialing the phones by now. So unless they are blocking the Windows Store on those devices (which is highly unlikely), those phones being tested should be showing up on AdDuplex by now. Unless of course none of the companies that HP claims has interest on the phones has actually pulled the trigger on them. I think it may be early to declare them a complete failure as Thurrott did but the existing numbers don't point to a good start either. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • From my experience in large enterprise, that's not how it works.  The governance process doesn't include the physical (or virtual) use of the device.  There are several gates product must pass through before it would even be allowed to be POC'd and once done so, there's a secondary process to begin to package for broad use.  So your notion that triage and trials are concurrent and should show up as large usage numbers is not congruent with (at least my) experience.  YMMV.
  • Most companies around here use a BYOD scheme, but the very very few that don't, don't have long processes of deployment. They normally acquire the products (be it phones or tablets), make the inventories, make the tests and changes to the software they deem necessary (normally this only happens when Android phones are deployed where the phone gets "locked up" to prevent sideloads etc) and then deploy them to the employees. iPhones and iPads are normally only inventoried and deployed to employees. Of course, there's already an infrastructure built for Android and iOS which is non-existent for Windows Phone so that could potentially delay the deployment but still, I don't think that's the issue. This obviously changes from company to company but for no phones to be showing up on AdDuplex, either HP hasn't actually managed to sell to enterprise any of these phones or they sold them only to a very select few companies which have long deployment processes and the stock is still sitting on their warehouses. That's why I said I would wait before passing judgment on the success of the Elite X3.
  • You also have to account for, what? 50% (guessing, no idea) of the U.S. enterprise market being on Verizon or Sprint or some other CDMA carrier, so that is an immediate limiting factor.
  • Didn't the phone technically JUST get released for sale?
  • For consumers, yet. We don't know how long have the "interested" enterprises been trialing the phone. I personally think no company has yet pulled the trigger on the phone. HP may claim they have interested enterprises but until they go ahead and actually buy and deploy the phones, I won't believe that their curiosity is more than curiosity. If batches of these phones had already been acquired by enterprises, the numbers would be showing on AdDuplex I think. Again, I'm not jumping the gun like Thurrot to declare the phone already a flop. Although, running Windows 10 Mobile, it's already half-way there. We'll have to see if there's ACTUAL adoption by the enterprises that HP claims are interested.
  • Extremely poor sales. https://www.thurrott.com/mobile/windows-phone/83821/windows-device-stats... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • FYI: Elite x3 has not yet been deployed by companies; it is piloting. That is how enterprise works. And read the comments on that Thurrott article, his own audience is ripping on him big time for his obstinate "Look at me, I'm a contrarian" position.
  • Piloting, that doesn't mean it will be deployed. There is no good reason to hamper your employees with a gimped Windows RT, especially at the price they are asking. Paul addresses this in the article. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't think enterprise price is the same as we see on Microsoft Store. If a company decides to deploy, they are going to buy hundreds, maybe thousands of these phones. The only problem I can see is the time limitation of Workspace, but they are probably going to find a workaround for that too.
  • Like ny cops 35k phones
  • Those are mid-end lumias, but yeah it is going to be just like that purchase.
  • What do you expect ? Microsoft has almost given up on WIndows Phone/Mobile. No promotion, no new models (the X3 is a HP model, not a Microsoft model), No promiton for sales people.... It's honestly a joke if your  a fan of the platoform.... It's just a matter of time before Microsoft totally gives up on it and stops losing money..
  • I think you're missing the point that Microsoft is a "software" company. They release products such as Surface to show manufacturers OS has potential, that's it. Their main concern was software, is software and probably going to be software. That's the difference between Apple and Microsoft.
  • "It's just a matter of time before Microsoft totally gives up on it and stops losing money.."
    How are they losing money? OS development is just one team now. Please explain.
  • Is a development team free to run? Could they be working on a project with a future? This team could be working on the next evolution of mobile instead of this platform with a "limited future" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • year 2016: hey my name is "jusTalk" I did not create an os that millions of people use and never owned a win10m device. but I''ve noticed that the people who created and using win10m don't know what they are doing, they should give up on it. when am looking at the extreme end of my mind "it takes only 2 seconds for that" I can see writen a big "NO" to w10m. my mind is so small, so fast, so reliable, I don't have to think twice, I know am right. I have to protect and redirect my people to the right direction. year 2020: hey my name is "jusTalk" and I need help for creating a win10m app, how to ....
  • I'm a fan of the platform and I love the joke. Can you possibly move on with your life and find the platform you like? I don't care if you don't use Microsoft. I would rather you find what you like and just use it.
  • hate + innocent + big mouth = hands on keyboard for talking nothing
  • How can your sell something that's not advertised? This is a tech site; I'm an IT director and if I didn't visit this site, I wouldn't know anything about this phone, so how will businesses find out about this phone?? How do you retrench and don't learn a lesson from last lack of advertisement and cell carrier support, marketing, etc and expect it to be successful??? Stupid, just stupid!
  • There are ads on TVs and in airports. There's a comment above yours from 'jessicator' noting so and we have heard from others too. Also, HP works by direct selling to its existing enterprise customers, of which they have a lot. That's the big difference between them and Microsoft.
  • I think everyone would really appreciate some REAL numbers, at least sometimes in January, about these so called "sales" of this HP X3. Think you can get some in the next 2-3 months? Then everyone will be happy that we know if this device had some success or not.
  • Successful is sort of subjective, but I don't think anyone thinks this is going to be a successful phone, as in millions of units sold to first time customers. I would imagine HP is promoting it to their current client base. Also, a good portion of their revenue would likely come from the subscription packages they're offering to run legacy software. If they can hoodwink buyers out of purchasing say $500 enterprise laptops and instead purchasing $800 phones that need additional peripherals and subscription support, well, you see the business model there...
  • "HP is promoting it to their current client base"
    That is correct. A few are trialing the devices now, but IT and enterprise can take months to approve and deploy new technology, something lost on Vhyr, DJCBS, and Bleached here who know little of such things.
  • Blackberry, Dell and Lenovo know about such things and you don't see them targeting this market. What does HP know that they don't? Betting against Windows RT (Continuum) isn't exactly a risky position. Your idea that Windows RT will be adopted, especially by business, certainly is. This site seems to be the last who haven't accepted that Windows Mobile is dead.
  • With "Windows Mobile" you are referring the OS which isn't dead.
    Surely "you know little of many things"
  • Always turning to name calling and insults when you don't have a solid argument. Didn't expect it from Daniel though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why are you here? Go to Android central...
  • I have not done or said anything that would warrant a ban. You obviously don't have any counter argument and that seems to make you mad. Microsoft said themselves that Windows Mobile had a very limited future. How long until "limited future" becomes "no future". What really is the difference? https://www.thurrott.com/mobile/windows-phone/81484/microsoft-discusses-... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • /sigh you're posting stuff from Thurrott. You really expect me or anyone else to listen? Why are you so intent on wishing the platform was gone? What do you get out of it?
  • Ideally Microsoft stops wasting time developing a dead platform and starts improving the software on my SP3. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They are entirely 2 different teams. I don't think they are so focused on the mobile platform that your SP3 is suffering from it. 
    ​If that's really what your posts are based on then that's really kind of foolish don't you think? They are doing just fine with the PC updates. What is not working on your SP3 that should be?
  • There was almost two months this summer that my SP3 had 10 minute battery life due to a bad update. That really sucked and is unacceptable. It is working Ok now, but it could certainly be better. The software is terrible for tablet use and there are tons of little things that could be cleaned up. There certainly are things they could be working on that will be more beneficial to Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have a SP3 too. The battery life never got that bad and they got an update out as quickly as possible. They are working on getting the software to be better. The mobile team (not very many) would not make them go any faster. Adding more people to a problem arguably slows down progress at a point. Microsoft is intent on keeping a mobile platform no matter how much you, DJCBS, vhyr, Steve, etc all wish they would not. So there is no point in continuing to have the posts you do. It's their company, their lives, their business, etc. Get over it and move on
  • You didn't have that bug then. Mine went from 6+ hours to less than 20 minutes. Some people could even turn theirs on. Luckily I didn't do much traveling during that time and it stayed in the dock. 6 weeks was way too long though. An issue like that needs to not happen or be addressed immediately. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • HP is the market leader in Commercial Laptops & Desktops, worldwide and in each region. so they clearly know more than those other brands (:
  • They did advertise it on TV and YouTube too.
    My friend don't visit Windows Central but he uses YouTube daily and he became fan of this phone after watching the ad.
    For TV we all know ;)
  • I wasn't expecting a huge shift, of course but I was expecting people to be interested at least...
  • Why? The average consumer wont have any knowledge, much less interest, in a product until they feel or see there is a demand for it (their friends using or talking about them for example). The only way that will happen is if people start using it, and so begins the cycle again.
  • I'm hanging on to my 950XL w/2-yr MSFT protect. If it breaks, I'll have an Elite x3 since the XL is EOLd. Good, good.
  • Better wait for Wharton Brooks device. WC said it should be out before year end. And it's so much more than hp phone: "The innovations we are bringing to our devices will be the most disruptive since the advent of the smartphone in 2000."
  • Your shitposting here is getting tiring. Please consider another site for your snark. Thank you.
  • Don't you have the power to ban people?  Hearing the same drivel over and over again is extremely annoying.
  • I can, but would prefer people who are just here to disrupt and troll to leave on their own accord. I've shown them the door, hopefully they'll walk thru it.
  • Any chance you could give them a certain amount of time to walk through the door and if they don't, open up a trap door that "chutes" them on over to one of the other sites, like Android Central?
  • Are you under the impression that Mobile Nations is run from Pyongyang?
  • Such an ass, this vhyr.
  • Good to have that option.
  • I want just a dock bundle(lapdock and deskdock) without the phone so I can use my Lumia on it without being forced to buy the phone.
  • You can buy those separately. Not cheap, however. $599 and $150.
  • We could do a next dock, those are like 130ish, but don't know how it feels to the 599 hp version
  • I want to buy just the phone, but the margin with the dock is slim. Maybe I'll go for the whole package.
  • The Christmas wallet battle of the millenium for me: The HP Elite X3 to replace my Lumia 950XL or an EVGA 1080 FTW to replace my EVGA 970 SC! I am leaning toward the X3. Who knows...I may be too broke to get either by that time, depending on if I want to be Scrooge this year. :D
  • The x3 might beat the XL, but not by enough to warrant $800. If think a new GPU does more for you, unless you already have something high-end. I prefer to replace things being replaced before going after a purely luxury purchase. Like, I want a PS4, but I'd much rather replace my well-aged TV first.
  • That is a good way to put it in perspective. Thank you for your reply.
  • I'd wait 6 months when the price drops $300-$400 dollars
  • More so to wait and see how long Microsoft continues to support Windows Mobile. $800 for a service that is basically dead already is crazy.
  • You have no idea what you are talking about... Daniel can you block this obvious Android Troll?
  • Again, Microsoft said the future for Windows Mobile is limited. What else can that really mean other than it will die soon? https://www.thurrott.com/mobile/windows-phone/81484/microsoft-discusses-... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The OS for this phone is largely irrelevant, it's the accessories, subscription/hosting packages that are important. It's not meant to run consumer apps, it's meant to essentially be a portal to hosted legacy apps. Why this is a better solution than current offerings is beyond me, I think it's kludgy and borderline useless, but you're focusing on the W10 aspect of it when even if it ran iOS or android it would still be kludgy and borderline useless. The few W10 mobile consumer fans left are latching on to the phone because it's the only one with good specs that's been released in a year. It's not meant for them, but there's nothing else out there (I'm most referencing the continuum features, obviously it makes phone calls and sends texts and has a web browser, those are useful, non-kludgy things)
  • You could make the argument that Apple or Google wouldn't implement a kludgy feature like Continuum. They would likely wait until it is ready and release it then. Maybe not Google so much. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't have to make the argument, because they haven't, lol. I dont know, are there iphone users out there clamoring to plug their phones into a monitor so they can have a half-crippled mac desktop experience? I don't see that becoming a thing. Apple would actually be in good position to implement such features, as they fully control both the hardware and software for both their desktop and mobile product lines. Telling that they don't have such a feature...., no?
  • Apple would not implement a crippled Mac experience, that is a bad idea. That is the type of thing Microsoft does. That is why people don't like Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And yet they have the crippled ipads that sit right there where you are worried about. Can I run full osx apps on my iPad? No? So why is MS expected to do so? Why do people who bash MS all the time give so much leeway to Apple and Google for their half crap approach. He only thing propping them up is apps, nothing more. And even then it was because their os wasn't capable either, apps are a stop gap measure for the inabilities of a phone not being a full desktop OS.
  • iPads are not crippled. They have great software that is specifically designed to be used with that form factor. Apple isn't trying to force it to be something it isn't. Desktop apps are for desktops. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are trying in vain to put some sense here. Fanboys will only vote you down :)) especially desperate ones...
  • I dont think apple markets their ipads as having a desktop like experience, but I don't own one so maybe they do? Also, I dont give them any leeway, I've disliked apple products since the iPod touch came out, just saying that if anyone could make this goofy continuum idea work it might be apple with the total control they could exert on hardware and software to implement it.
  • Only Microsoft can release a junk feature and use guinea pigs to test it for free, only then to ditch it. They've done it before so many times, with many products...so much lack of respect from them and mediocrity.
  • Because he is telling the truth? Windows Mobile is DEAD! MS does not give a damn about it...they call it business oriented now, and not even the L2TP vpn is not working :)) what a bad joke!
  • Price is not set by how "popular" an OS is. You might need to take some business classes. Also, it isn't Microsoft setting the price. HP did and they clearly know who their audience is. Might be ridiculous to you, then again nobody is forcing you to buy one
  • Price is set by supply and demand. In this case, demand is nearly non-existent. The price should match. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does it harm you if they set the price so high?
  • Of course not. It harms them and their sales and adoption. I guess you aren't worried about that though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm not worried about it. It's HP and their business. They are free to do whatever they want. If they think they can make money from selling a Windows Phone then so be it. They are free to try. I don't care what they do, doesn't make a single bit of difference in my life.
  • That is true to an extent, but you do have to factor cost of materials and R&D costs as well. So they can't exactly be free.
  • Good deal but id at least wait til after microsofts event next week to see whats on the horizon
  • Agreed, if a cheaper Snapdragon 820 device gets released I will go with that personally. SD 821 is on the shelves already, so maybe we can start seeing more W10M devices running 820 soon.
  • If you're waiting for that Alcatel phone it's an Android model rebranded, you can check them out already to see if you like the feel of it.
  • The processor and camera are upgraded on there compared to the android version
  • Yes, increased hw power, in the same canvas running W10M AU. I may actually go to t-mobile this weekend and look...
  • That's why I said the feel of it. Like to hold. Same form factor, no? I haven't been impressed with Alcatel build quality so far.
  • It is to be the same body/form factor/dimensions, at least that is what I hope and know so far- 5.5" screen 7mm thickness...All the same hw including stereo speakers, except it should have the upgraded camera/RAM/CPU and I think they are going to drop the resolution to 1080p, which is good.
  • BB is about to release the DTEK60 which is the same knock off...
  • How does the build compare to the L950. I might have to stop over at T-Mobile today to check myself.
  • Haven't seen it in person myself yet
  • Very premium looking device, until that chrome begins peeling off the plastic.  An easilly fixed problem if the chrome is on the sides or rear by covering the blemish with a case, but doubtful any case will cover a front facing speaker.  What's the story behind the missing chrome on this device?
  • Listen to our latest podcast in our interview with the VP of HP Mobility. He explains.
  • Will do, thanks.
  • Definitely listen to this episode. Some really interesting discussion from the HP VP and gives some perspective on where things are going with this platform.
  • Do you have a TL;DR (or listen in this case) version of where he thinks things are going for the platform? Not being snarky, just don't feel like listening to a whole podcast for the brief bit I'm interested in.
  • Here we go again... It was only 30 minutes. If you can't make yourself pay attention to something for that long, maybe you don't care in the first place or need medication. Not everything needs to be shortened down, and in fact, most things SHOULDN'T BE!
  • Would hp make a consumer phone
  • They haven't ruled it out, but I think it's one step at a time for them right now.
  • Curious Daniel, with reports that the "Surface Phone" might NOT be made available next APR as most expected, is it advisable to sit around and wait for that (whenever that is) or should one just pick up a 950XL or X3? I'd really like to wait for the Surface Phone. Unfortunately my 8GB 640 is driving me nuts with insider "Release" updates that I have to uninstall everything just to get it to install.
  • I've had the 950XL since release. I had the 1520 before that and loved it. When I held the X3 in the store it felt too wide, way too wide. Now, I understand the 1520 was a larger phone but having had the 950XL for a while now, I wonder if I could get used to the X3 size wise. I went in the store cringing about the reasonable but high price, but left shocked that I didn't want it due to it's size. Anyone else have that impression?
  • Yes. Same here. It is a large phone. Held it and used it at my local MS store here in AZ. Feels great to touch, not really heavy either...but I could not see past getting use to the width. I have owned many phones spanning from the x50s to iPhone 6 plus and other 5.7" Android phones, and by dimensions this one has the them all beat in width. That is the only issue I have with it at the moment...the price being around 700 now as a stand alone phone is not bad, if you fit the mold. Very intriguing concept being more phablet like than any other windows mobile device right now, especially running WM10 AU.
  • Agreed... For me, even the 950XL is a touch too big. The 950 is about as big as my little hands can handle.
  • must... resist.... >___<
  • LOL, yeah, I guess I left myself wide open there... ;-)
  • Again lol
  • I had the 1520, and I'm still getting used to the size of my elitex3. I think the fact that this phone is super slippery makes it a bit more difficult. I want to get the silicone case for grip but I know it's only going to make it wider
  • Maybe a skin would be better
  • First paragraph, shouldn't that be "without"?
  • I like to come to these forums to hear what people who have used or are planning to use a Windows Phone or W10 Mobile think and feel about the products or ecosystems. To constantly hear from obvious Android or ios trolls is a bit of a pain. If your intent is to just say W10 mobile is dead, maybe you should just stick to Verge or Flipboard.
  • I have tried forever to figure why people are so enthusiastic about a platform failing and wishing it to be gone. Think I might have figured out one reason (which actually surprised me as I didn't realize people think like this). I have a co-worker who was looking for a new phone and was asking what I had. I kind of skirted around the question because I get tired of people telling me I'm stupid for choosing a Windows Phone. Anyways, I pressed him for what he was looking for and it sounded like he wanted a flagship phone that would allow him to work from anywhere. And what do you know Continuum popped in my head. So I relented and showed him what I had and demonstrated Continuum. As soon as he saw the interface was Windows he said "ah he11 no, I am not going to give another dime to Bill Gates. He's too f****ing rich as it is". Obviously I was shocked and he saw the dear in the headlights look and he said "it's just a personal thing, Continuum looks great but I will never give Bill another dime". So that was that and I pointed him to the LG V20. Don't know what he got (he may not have purchased anything yet), but apparently some people are pissed that Bill Gates has made so much money from Microsoft. ​I almost said and how much do you think Steve Jobs or Tim Cook have. But I let him be.
  • He was an idiot!
  • I never understand it either, if it was iOS or Android that was in that position they would be the first ones to defend it but, apparently, we are just fanboys for using and actually liking what they deem to be a failing platform. What I find even more bizarre is that your co-worker thinks that it's still the 90s and that Bill Gates is still in charge of Microsoft!!!!
  • Yep, exactly lol that was the reason for my blank look to him. Took me completely off guard. Thought for a moment I was back in late 90s to early 2000s.
  • Yeah, he was probably about to complain about an internet explorer monopoly!
  • lol! Wow, do these people realize how much EVERY CEO makes? That is the stupidest reasoning I have ever heard in my life.
  • Yep, that $300 for a heavily discounted (near cost?) 950 is going to buy Bill Gates' next yacht.  Brilliant!
  • Funny... tell him if he buys an iPhone Microsoft makes money... if he buys an Android Microsoft makes money... off multiple patents for each platform not to mention apps he is likely using. It's the same story for BlackBerry. If you use Android Auto or Apple Carplay Blackberry makes money as both are powered by QNX which is owned by Blackberry... Bill Gates BTW makes more money on his money then he does on Microsoft Stocks. He is also a major shareholder in Apple and Alphabet.
  • soz no paypal, google apps gestures still not on windows 10 after 2 years missing when it was on windows 8.1 and still no groove app for ipads.  Micrsoft windows mobile dosnt stand a chance if micrsoft still look like a company without a clue in software, hell gestures beta and grove missing and thats their own apps.   Stioll all my apple friends laugh at microsft because of things like the mobile only version of groove being on the app store.  Try using it sideways on your ipad air 2 and look how people see microsft.  i love my windows 10 desktop but ive already left windows mobile how long till i go further and abandon onedrive and windows all together. Im not waiting another 2 years for micrsoft to get on par with other tech companies.  Hell thers a groove app for androdi pads why not ipads?
  • stopped reading at 'soz'
  • Nice.
  • No disrespect intended but the post above is hard to read.
    I remember, years and years ago, when data was so expensive from the carriers that we thought we "saved money" by using abbreviations and eliminating letters in words. Every letter and character cost money! Somewhere along the history since then, data got cheaper for most of us and communication improved with better grammar and spelling. Apparently data is still expensive for some people or they just can't spell. Could be a flip phone using T9.
  • It's not just text. It's the reason why legit is now a word to replace legitimate, people are inherently lazy, even those of us that think we aren't and don't use text abbreviations for words that don't need to be shortened.
  • Just for your information "FYI", I was not referring to only "texting".
    Best Wishes
  • I have the groove app on my iPad. .. down loaded the iPhone version from the store... do you need a Windows Person to show you how to download iPhone apps to an iPad?
  • No idea why anyone would get this instead of an iPhone or Pixel at that price point. And why are we back to carrier exclusives? MS just doesn't get it. They might sell a couple hundred of these to consumers.
  • HP. The phone being discussed is an HP phone intended for big businesses. HP decides. Microsoft is also selling this HP phone unlocked for most any GSM carrier.
  • no big business is stupid enough to buy this :)))
  • From what I have been hearing is to stay away from the Pixel.
  • I wish the EPP discount was still in effect.
  • The latest ad-duplex figures show that among Windowsphones, a tiny percentage of the market, the HP Elite X3 has captured a tiny percentage of that tiny percentage. The device's main selling point seems to be continuum. It is selling for the price of a premium iphone but does little more than a $149 Chromebook with an RDP client. Technology searching for a real world problem to solve.
  • Keep reading and researching the topic. There is more to it. Dig deeper.
  • Even if this device is technologically the most advanced Windowsphone ever and blows everything else away the creator of Windows 10 Mobile needs to increase the market in the USA from it's estimate 0.7%. In the UK, while Nokia was making Windowsphone, the market climbed to 11% or so. I even see Nokia Windowsphones onmy commute to the office on public transport when I use my Lumia 950. Once Nadella sent the memo that consumers were no longer the target and Windowsphone would be scaled down market share here has gone down to 2%. Soon it will reach the almost unmeasurable levels of the US market. Saying that Windowsphone has a tiny percentage of the market for all smartphones is reasonable. In the US market it is barely registering as a useful statistic. Launching a phone inside a tiny market, even if it gets 100% of the market, means it has a tiny market share. However the HP Elite X3 is not number one seller in this tiny market.  I love the camera in my Lumia. I take photos everyday. However if you use a Windowsphone you have an almost app free existance. Office is there for productivity so there is a business angle and I have spotify on my phone with twitter, facebook and instagram but most of the other apps are old and less functional than android or ios. I dont need hundreds of apps but just the few that help me interact with businesses locally, track deliveries, use taxis and the like.  A road warrior with an HP Elite X3. Maybe. However the business has to have those remote services at the backend so it's needs a subscription cloud service behind the scenes or enterprise infrastructure.  Back to my comment. You have $700 for a phone, $200 for a docking station and the service costs. I think the market for this solution is there its just nothing that would revive a Windowsphone. My suspicion is a worker using the Elite X3 will have an Android or IOS device as their personal phone and pretty much use it as a tablet. If so, what is the point, just carry an ultrabook with wifi!  
  • I'll buy it in a few months. As unfortunate as it may be, Windows Phones always drop dramatically in price very quickly...
  • 700$ is the sale price. WOW!
  • I'd still rather the L950xl...but not for $1000cnd! $400 tops. Until then, my 640xl rules.
  • 700 DOLLARS hmm they will sell more of these smart phones if they lower the priced 150 dollars. A crticle moment is coming for Microsoft's perticipation in making & selling Windows smart phones because if they do announce in December 2016 they'ill retire the Lumia brand of smart phones. Micicrosoft must also announce that it will be replaced with "Surface" Brand of windows 10 mobile smart phones, because a lot of Windows smart phone users and Fans want to know if the "Surface" smart phones will ever be manufactured and sold by Microsoft. There are many windows smart phones fans waiting for the debut of the "Surface" smart phones. Microsoft should at least say they will or will not be coming to the Market place Most Windows smart phone fans already know the Surface smart phones will  use an ARMS CPU and work like the Lumia 950, 950 XL and the HP Elite X3. They just want to know if and when Microsoft will make and sell any Windows smart phones after they retire the Lumia brand of Windows 10 mobile smart phone ? 
  • Maybe at $400, so IMOP it's still OP.  
  • The price $699 is cheaper than Pixel XL $769 but pack a lot more stuff. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 699$?? :))) no thanks.
  • HP Elite X3 release new firmware 0002.0000.0014.0100 today.