Earlier in my review this week I mentioned how HP had planned to sell their Elite x3 running Windows 10 Mobile without the Desk Dock. True to their word you can now order the Elite x3 through HP's Small and Medium Business Store for $699 - $100 cheaper than with the Desk Dock.

Keep in mind HP includes discounts for bundles. The Desk Dock by itself retails for $150 pushing your cost up to $850 were you to buy it and the Elite x3 separately. Same for the $599 Lap Dock, which is getting ready to be sold. If bought as three-piece bundle the cost is $1298, which is $150 less than buying all three separately.

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No word if HP will expand this offering to their main online store or the Microsoft Store. We also haven't checked all HP stores worldwide especially since eventually the Elite x3 will be available in 51 countries.

To find the Elite x3 at this price just go to the HP SMB store and search for "HP Elite x3 X5V50AA#ABA". You can also order all three items – Desk Dock, Lap Dock, and Elite x3 - for $1298. Both have an expected ship date of October 31.

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