Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII, and more announced for Xbox One

For years now, it seems like Square Enix has skipped releasing popular Final Fantasy rereleases on Xbox One. While the titles always end up on PlayStation 4, Xbox One owners have been left behind. Luckily, that changed today because Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and World of Final Fantasy Maxima were all coming to Microsoft' platform.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is already available on Xbox One, and World of Final Fantasy Maxima should launch November 6, 2018. The other Final Fantasy games will hit the system sometime in 2019.

This is the long-awaited news Xbox One owners have been waiting to hear for years. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the exact release dates. Until then, we can simply rejoice in the fact that Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy XII are launching on the console. A lot of these games are considered cult classics, and some of the best entries in the critically-acclaimed franchise.

Recently, Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Gaming, said that he was focusing on bringing more popular Japanese titles to the platform. A few months ago, the Microsoft announced that Nier: Automata was coming to Xbox One. However, that announcement is overshadowed by this one because the Final Fantasy series represents the ultimate Japanese role-playing experience for many gamers.

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  • Hopefully, Kingdom Hearts will be next.
  • Seems that way to me too.
  • And I will partake in all of the above.
  • Wish 8 was there too. But still great news!
  • Yes!! 8 has a special place in my heart. That game was stellar
  • VIII was the first videogame I loved. That got me hooked enough that I went back to VII, and on to IX and X and X-2. Seems weird it got left out.
  • Man, I must be in the minority, I actually found 8 totally boring after loving 7 so much.
  • Hopefully the game's graphical detail doesn't cast a Knights of the Round Table on my PC hardware.
  • 7&9 sweet my teens years welcomes this news.
  • cool Zodiac Age on xb1x
  • Am currently playing through the Pocket Edition on my Surface Go, didn't know it was available for my X too! Play Anywhere? And will these title make it to the Microsoft Store for PC? Would love if all these games were Play Anywhere titles.
  • I bought a PS Vita just to play FFX - was gutted when I found out they weren't bringing FFXII: Zodiac Age to it... So very happy with this news!
  • Sad to see 8 Missing from the list :( Though 12 is most certainly the most underrated of the series. The battle system is one of the most engaging to date.
  • No love for FF8? 😧
  • Yes. pretty strange eight isn't there.
  • I'm sometimes critical of the blatant plays to nostalgia for easy money like this, but I am also definitely buying at least VII and will probably go on to the rest from there as I have time and money.
  • at least they upgraded the games, not just straight ports
  • Upgraded or not, I don't buy games 2nd time.
    But because of Win10+UWP == FC... think I'll give this a green light.
  • That's funny... You say that, and I'm strongly considering buying Halo CE for the 3rd time (Master Chef Collection), and I'm not even a huge Halo fan.