Save big on standing desks and office chairs in FlexiSpot's anniversary sale

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Looking for a new standing desk, office chair, or office accessories? FlexiSpot might have you covered! We've reviewed countless FlexiSpot products over the last two years, and have come away impressed with what they have to offer every time.

In fact, I'm currently using a FlexiSpot standing desk and chair, and they're absolutely great. So, with FlexiSpot celebrating its anniversary with a massive sale, we wanted to let you know that there's savings to be had on FlexiSpot products right now.

The FlexiSpot anniversary sale starts today in the United Kingdom and the United States, and lasts until May 31. Discounts of up to 38% are on offer for some products, and there will be flash sales over the next few days for even more things. 

Additionally, FlexiSpot is preparing two new products that aren't yet available to buy, and it's asking its fans to help test them! There's a new FlexiSpot Adjustable Bed, and FlexiSpot 8-in-1 Standing Desk that the company is looking to bring to market soon, and it wants 10 testers to help gather feedback.

Those selected will be able to test the new products for free, and you can sign up for a chance to test them here.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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