Have you been cruising around in Forza Motorsport 6: Apex wondering just how many frames per second (FPS) you're rocking? The title has released an update that will relay this data in-game. A high FPS usually leads to more smooth gameplay, depending on your monitor and other factors, but having anything above 60 is generally considered acceptable.

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Forza Apex

This new feature was spotted in the store listing under the log of changes for, which also include:

  • Difficulty balancing for Drivatar AI
  • Optimized objectives in some Tour events
  • Tuned time bonuses for some Tour events
  • Resolved issue where changing certain Video Options did not have any effect
  • Resolved some cases of stalls and hitches during race
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

The FPS counter can be enabled in the video options section of the settings. You can download Forza Motorsport 6: Apex from the Windows Store. Do note that you'll need a considerable amount of free space on your PC for the game.