The full list (so far) of Lumia 520, Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020s eligible for Lumia Cyan update

Microsoft is pushing out more Lumia Cyan updates going for some Lumia 520, Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020 owners. This morning we reported on a few countries and carriers, but at the time, we were working from a partial list, mostly based on tips.

We have now gone through fully and detailed the update by country and region.

Remember, if you are on the Preview for Developers program running 8.1 or 8.1 Update and you see your phone/carrier listed below, you cannot get Lumia Cyan as a straightforward update, at least not yet. Microsoft is going to fix the upgrade path from Preview to Cyan, but that solution is not available as of today. As a result, you get two choices: either wait or downgrade your OS and then take the updates and restore your phone.

Here are all the countries now officially getting Lumia Cyan for the Lumia 520, Lumia 920, and Lumia 1020. For reference, 'CV' stands for country variant.

Lumia 520

  • Africa – Under testing
  • Asia Pacific – Under testing
  • Europe – Czech Republic Vodafone, T-Mobile; France Orange; German Vodafone; Hungary Vodafone; Ireland Vodafone; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone, WIND; Netherlands T-Mobile, Vodafone; Poland Orange; Portugal Vodafone; Romania Orange, Vodafone; Slovakia Orange; Spain Vodafone; UK o2, Vodafone
  • Latin America – Under testing
  • Middle East – Under testing
  • North America – US AT&T

Lumia 920

  • Africa – Under testing
  • Asia Pacific – Under testing
  • Europe – Germany Vodafone; Greece Vodafone; Ireland Vodafone; Italy CV, Vodafone; Netherlands Vodafone; Portugal Vodafone; Romania Vodafone; Spain Vodafone; UK o2, Vodafone
  • Latin America – Under testing
  • Middle East – Under testing
  • North America – Under testing

Lumia 1020

  • Africa – Algeria CV; Ghana CV; Kenya CV; Morocco CV; Nigeria CV; South Africa CV, MTN; Tanzania CV; Tunisia CV; Uganda CV; Zambia CV
  • Asia Pacific – Australia CV, Optus; Bangladesh CV; China Unicom; Hong Kong CV; India CV; Indonesia CV, Trikomsel; Malaysia CV; New Zealand CV; Philippines CV; Singapore StarHub, CV; Sri Lanka CV; Taiwan CHT, CV; Thailand CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Albania CV; Austria CV; Bosnia and Herzegovina CV; Bulgaria CV; Croatia CV; Cyprus CV; Czech Republic T-Mobile, CV; Denmark CV; Estonia CV; Finland CV; France CV, Orange, SFR; Germany o2, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Greece CV, Cosmote, Vodafone; Hungary CV, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Iceland CV; Ireland Vodafone; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone, WIND; Latvia CV; Lithuania CV; Macedonia CV; Montenegro CV; Netherlands CV, T-Mobile; Norway CV, Telenor; Poland T-Mobile, CV; Portugal Vodafone; Romania CV, Cosmote, Vodafone; Serbia CV; Slovakia CV; Slovenia CV; Spain Vodafone; Sweden CV; Switzerland Swisscom, CV; Turkey Turkcell, CV; UK CV, EE, o2, Vodafone
  • Latin America – Brazil CV; Chile CV; Colombia CV; Costa Rica CV; Dominican Republic CV; Ecuador CV; El Salvador CV; Guatemala CV; Honduras CV; Mexico CV; Nicaragua CV; Paraguay CV; Puerto Rico CV; Uruguay CV
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Israel CV; Kuwait CV; Oman CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia CV; UAE CV; Yemen CV
  • North America – Canada Rogers, Telus

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