How to get the new Freedom Mask in The Division 2

The Freedom Mask in The Division 2
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Part of the fun of The Division 2 is collecting all of the various gear, collectibles and apparel items in the game. There's a never-ending chase for stuff to get your hands on, and as part of Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard, there's a new Hunter mask that's been quietly added to the game. 

Unlike a number of the existing Hunter masks, this one doesn't require solving puzzles or performing specific actions in a specific way. It's actually really simple to get. But it's also really simple to miss. 

Here's what you have to do. 

How to get the Freedom Mask in The Division 2 and where to find the right Hunter

The new Hunter mask is dripping with FREEDOM.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Some of the Hunter masks in The Division 2 have been quite tough to acquire, or required fairly lengthy chains of events. The Freedom Mask isn't one of those. Like all Hunter masks, it still has a dedicated drop, but all it requires is playing through a specific mission. 

To get the right mission to unlock, you need to play through the Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard Manhunt, right up until the end. Once you've cleared the four districts and unlocked the location of Alani Kelso on the Stranded Tanker mission, you can go get this new Hunter mask. 

Once you unlock the final mission in the Manhunt, you can go get the Freedom Mask.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

To get the Freedom Mask, simply play through the mission. When you reach the refinery, as part of this section, you'll be faced with the Hunter you need to eliminate. Once you do, the Freedom Mask will drop. But here's why it seems it's easy to miss that this mask even exists. 

If you die, you seem to respawn back at the refinery, but without the Hunter. So in terms of playing the mission through to completion, you simply carry on. But if you want the mask, you need the Hunter, so if you don't do it the first time the only option is to go back and restart. 

If you're struggling to eliminate the Hunter, there are a couple of things you can do. For one, don't crank the difficulty up, you don't need it. But also consider matchmaking at the start of the mission, or using the "Call for Backup" feature before you reach the refinery in hopes someone will jump in to help out. 

If you already did the mission and didn't get the mask, no worries, go back and rerun it and as long as you despatch the Hunter, you'll get the mask. 

It's worth noting as well that on the known issues Trello board, Ubisoft is investigating an issue with the mask not dropping. The card confirms that you need to beat the Hunter without having died, but if you're still not getting it then a fix may need to be applied. 

What about after the season ends? 

Most of the Hunter masks in The Division 2 are available in the open world. Naturally, this one isn't, and when the season changes there will be a new Manhunt with new missions. 

But if you do miss it during Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard, there should still be an opportunity. Usually, the previous season's final Manhunt missions are added to the Season Pass. So, all you'll most likely need to do is play through the Season Pass to unlock the necessary tier to be able to replay the Kelso Manhunt mission. 

It's a great looking mask, though, and whether you're a completionist or just want to add some new flare to your agent, it's well worth picking up. 

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