Minecraft continues to push for a friendlier internet with new free educational map for everyone

Key art for Minecraft: Education Edition's Cyber Safe: Good Game map.
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft: Education Edition boasts dozens of interactive educational lessons focusing on a wide variety of topics, and many come to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, too.
  • Mojang Studios has released a new map in its Cyber Safe collection dubbed 'Good Game,' and it focuses on digital wellbeing in online communities.
  • The hour-long lesson aims to teach young students about building safe and positive communities across the internet, especially when gaming.
  • The lesson is available for free in the Education Edition for educators around the world, and is also featured in the Education Edition of the Minecraft Marketplace.

Minecraft may be the best-selling video game of all time, but it's also a powerful educational tool used in hundreds of facilities around the world. Well, at least Minecraft: Education Edition is, which is a spin-off of the universal Bedrock Edition with unique, education-focused tools and features to help educators teach their students about a diverse array of topics.

Mojang Studios is always adding new lessons and maps to Minecraft: Education Edition, and the latest one is here. Cyber Safe: Good Game is a continuation of the Cyber Safe collection that started two years ago, this time focusing on digital wellbeing and fostering healthy online communities. It's available now to Education Edition users, but it's also featured for free as part of the Education Collection in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Marketplace.

You can watch the release trailer above or checkout the breakdown on the Minecraft: Education Edition website for more information. Basically, Good Game is all about teaching young students how to protect themselves and their online communities by bringing positivity into any space they touch. That means taking advantage of tools to deal with bad actors and negative voices, maintaining a positive digital footprint, and contributing to inclusive and safe online environments.

Unless you're an educator or student, you likely won't be using Minecraft: Education Edition. However, Cyber Safe: Good Game and its related lessons are available for free on the Minecraft Marketplace alongside many other lessons and maps. This is part of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, one of the best games on Xbox, Windows PC, PlayStation, Switch, and even mobile devices.

If you'd rather just stick with normal Minecraft, a new preview build was released testing new features from the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 content update. You can also check out an awesome, official Godzilla DLC for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which lets you explore the world of the legendary franchise.

The importance of internet safety

The vast majority of readers won't need this Minecraft map. After all, it's targeted at children as educational content. However, for educators and parents, this could be a useful tool to help teach your children about internet safety and ensuring positive, happy experiences online. It's certainly more engaging than simply sitting them down and talking to them about it.

The internet is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, and there are many people who use it irresponsible to exploit, endanger, or harass other people. Ensuring our children have the knowledge to protect themselves and the online spaces of which they're apart is vital. I'm glad Mojang Studios is continuing to expand its educational offerings with lessons like Cyber Safe: Good Game.

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