Best Steam Deck screen protectors 2023

Valve's portable PC gaming console has a beautiful 7-inch IPS LCD screen with around 400 nits of brightness, but this wide panel is still vulnerable to bumps and scrapes during travel. We've rounded up the best screen protectors for Steam Deck to help prevent accidental scratching, and they're all super easy to apply.

Choosing the best screen protector

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The hardware on offer with Valve's Steam Deck is impressive inside and out, capable of producing gorgeous visuals with portable PC gaming. The 16:10 display manages up to a 1280x800p resolution with an exceptional range of brightness, but it's not immune to glare from other lights. Using a tempered glass screen protector like the double-pack from Benazcap will protect the display from scratches and reduce reflected light without reducing touch sensitivity.

Build quality on the console is exceptional, but the benefits of using third-party accessories outweigh the risks. Consider pairing the heavy-duty JSAUX screen protectors with one of the best cases for Steam Deck if you're concerned about traveling with yours for the best defense against accidental damage. With the ever-growing number of games verified for the console, you'll want to keep yours in good condition for as long as possible.

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