Diablo 4 Sorcerer Enchantment Slots: How to unlock and use them

Diablo 4: Sorceress Enchantment Slots
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As a true-blue Sorceress at heart, I can say that the Sorcerer/Sorceress is one of the best classes in Diablo 4. However, unlocking the Enchantment Slots system early in your game playthrough can make it even more powerful. This requires undertaking a specific quest and knowing how to use Enchantment Slots. 

Don't worry if this all sounds confusing. I'm here to step you through unlocking Enchantment Slots in Diablo 4 and explaining what each skill does.

What are Enchantment Slots in Diablo 4?

The Enchantment Slots system is a unique mechanic specific to the Sorcerer (Sorceress) class. Placing a skill in the Enchantment Slot unlocks a passive perk or other bonus related to that skill. In general, Enchantment Slot perks tend to provide offensive, defensive, resource, or utility effects. 

Diablo 4 Sorcerer casting Pyromancy attack. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The ability to level up and become more powerful is one reason that Diablo 4 is on our list of the best PC games of all time. Each class is unique and learning how to master each skill tree brings a fun challenge that adds to the game's replay value.

Here is some other information you should know about Enchantment Slots as stated within Diablo 4 itself: 

  • Skills must have at least one Skill Point to be used (either from the Skill Tree or through gear).
  • You can simultaneously use a skill on your action bar and in one Enchantment Slot.
  • A skill's ranks, enhanced variants, and upgrade choices carry through when placed into an Enchantment Slot.
  • Choices can be swapped in and out of the Enchantment Slot at any time.
  • The first slot unlocks at level 15 and the second at level 30.

Diablo 4: How to unlock Sorcerer Enchantment Slots

Diablo 4 Sorcerer quest: Legacy of the Magi. (Image credit: Windows Central)
  1. If you're playing as a Sorcerer, reaching Level 15 automatically makes the "Legacy of the Magi" sidequest appear in your docket. So, reach Level 15 and activate the quest to make the marker appear on the map.
  2. Return to Nevesk (the place where you started the game) and head to the quest marker. 
  3. Talk to Mordarin, the older man at the marker. 
  4. Mordarin asks a favor of you. To fulfill it, enter the Lost Archives to the east.

Diablo 4 Lost Archives dungeon, part of Legacy of the Magi quest. (Image credit: Windows Central)
  1. You'll enter a dungeon filled with several rooms and demons. The goal is to battle through this dungeon until you get to the marker, open the Dust-Covered Chest containing the Forgotten Codex, and then return to Mordarin. There are also a few other events to take part in at the Lost Archives if you want to earn more EX and gear:
    • Spiritcaller of Frost boss unlocks by bringing two Mechanical Boxes from other rooms to the alters on either side of the Necromancer coffin. 
    • There should also be another random quest in here that likely involves fighting back an onslaught of demons as a timer runs down. 

Diablo 4: Legacy of the Magi Dust-Covered Chest. (Image credit: Windows Central)
  1. Once you have the Forgotten Codex, return to Modarin and give it to him. 
  2. Follow Modarin into the Abandoned Shack
  3. Interact with the Braziers of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. 
  4. Talk to Modarin again and tell him, "The fires are lit."

Diablo 4: Legacy of the Magi in the Abandoned Shack. (Image credit: Windows Central)
  1. Now you'll need to defeat demons for as long as the onslaught lasts.
  2. Once every enemy has been beaten, talk to Modarin again, and he'll give you the Forgotten Codex. When he's done talking, an Enchantment Slot will also unlock. 
  3. Reach level 30 to unlock the next Enchantment Slot.

How do you unlock the second Sorcerer Enchantment Slot in Diablo 4?

If you've already done the Legacy of the Magi quest that unlocks the first Enchantment Slot, then all you need to do to unlock the second one is reach level 30. The second slot will unlock automatically at that point. You'll just need to go into your Skill Tree and assign a Skill to the Enchantment Slot to take advantage of it. 

Diablo 4 Sorcerer: Best Enchantment Slot skills

You'll eventually be able to assign up to two Enchantment Slots if you continue to level up in Diablo 4. The very first Skill I suggest you assign is Fireball since it makes defeated enemies explode and damage those around them. Many people compare it to Necormancer's popular Corpse Explosion and find it similarly deadly. 

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Best Enchantment Slot Skills
Enchantment Slot SkillWhat it does
Fireball (Core)When you kill an enemy, they explode in a Fireball and inflict damage to nearby enemies.
Fire Bolt (Basic)Lucky Hit: Your direct damage has up to a 100% chance to Burn enemies for 23% over 8 seconds.
Arc Lash (Basic)Whenever you are hit, there's a 20% chance the attacker is Stunned for 1 second.
Flame Shield (Defensive)A flame shield automatically activates when you take fatal damage.
Ball Lightning (Mastery)When Crackling Energy would form, there's a 10% chance Ball Lightning is formed instead.
Blizzard (Mastery)Every few seconds a Blizzard forms over you and follows you for a while inflicting damage on enemies that get close.

After Fireball, it's good to assign a protective skill like Flame Shield, which automatically forms around you if you take fatal damage but will need some cooldown time before it can be used again. Blizzard is also an excellent choice as it causes a blizzard to appear over your head often and inflicts damage on enemies. 

Many people also find Arc Lash and Ball Lightning to be instrumental in bringing loads of enemies down quickly. At any rate, I recommend assigning an offensive Skill as well as a Defensive Skill to your Enchantment Slots to all-around boost your power as a Sorcerer.

Diablo 4 Sorcerer: How to assign Skills to Enchantment Slots

Diablo 4 Enchantment Slots for Sorcerer. (Image credit: Windows Central)
  1. Open your Abilities Menu. On PC, you'll need to press the A button. On an Xbox controller, you'll need to press the Menu button and then the RB button.   
  2. Expand the Abilities Menu to make it fill the page. On PC, click the red arrow. On the Xbox controller, click in the Right stick.
  3.  Open the Skill Assignment tab at the bottom of the screen. Do this on PC simply by clicking on the tab. Xbox controller users will need to click in the Left stick.
  4. To actually assign Skills to Enchantment Slots, PC players will need to drag and drop a Skill they want onto the Enchantment Slot. Meanwhile, Xbox players need to click on the Skill they want from the row above and then confirm it for the Enchantment Slot below. 

Once a Skill has been designated to an Enchantment Slot, it will unlock a specific effect. Continue reading in the next section to see what each Skill does when in an Enchantment Slot. 

Diablo 4 Sorcerer: All Enchantment Slot Effects

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Basic Skill Enchantment Slots Effects
SkillEnchantment Slot Effect
Arc LashWhenever you are hit, there's a 20% chance the attacker is Stunned for 1 second.
Fire BoltLucky Hit: Your direct damage has up to a 100% chance to Burn enemies for 23% over 8 seconds.
Frost BoltLucky Hit: Your direct damage has up to a 100% chance to Chill for 30%.
SparkKilling an enemy has a 10% chance to form a Crackling Energy.
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Core Skill Enchantment Slots Effects
SkillEnchantment Slot Effect
Chain LightningChain Lightning forms automatically, after spending 100 Mana.
Charged BoltsWhenever you are hit, there's a 40% chance to release 5 Charged Bolts.
FireballWhen you kill an enemy, they explode in a Fireball for 50% of its damage.
Frozen OrbWhenever you cast a non-Basic Skill, you have a 20% chance to launch a Frozen Orb at a nearby enemy.
Ice ShardsIce Shards automatically conjure and fly towards Frozen enemies.
IncinerateLucky Hit: Direct damage has up to an 8% chance to spawn a rotating Incinerate beam.
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Defensive Skill Enchantment Slots Effects
SkillEnchantment Slot Effect
Flame ShieldFlame Shield automatically activates when you take fatal damage. It takes 120 seconds to recharge.
Frost NovaLucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 30% chance to make your active Conjuration Skills unleash a Frost Nova.
Ice ArmorUpon getting hit, you have a 5% chance to apply Ice Armor.
TeleportEvade is replaced with Teleport on a 17.0 second cooldown.
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Conjuration Skill Enchantment Slots Effects
SkillEnchantment Slot Effect
HydraWhen a Burning enemy is killed, a Hydra head spawns from its corpse for 3 seconds.
Ice BladesKilling an enemy has a 10% chance to conjure Ice Blades. 20 seconds to recharge.
Lightning SpearAbsorbing Crackling Energy has a 10% chance to conjure a Lightning Spear.
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Mastery Skill Enchantment Slots Effects
SkillEnchantment Slot Effect
Ball LightningWhen Crackling Energy would form, there's a 10% chance Ball Lightning is formed instead.
BlizzardEvery 15 seconds, a Blizzard forms over you and follows you for 4 seconds.
FirewallLucky Hit: Direct damage has up to a 15% chance to spawn a Firewall for 3 seconds.
MeteorEvery time an enemy takes Burning damage, there's 3% chance a Meteor falls on them.

Enchant your Skills as a Sorcerer or Sorceress

The Sorcerer (and Sorceress) offer powerful ranged attacks to keep enemies at bay with elemental damage. In order to get the most out of your Skills, you'll want to make sure to assign as many as you can to any unlocked Elemental Slots. It's rather easy to unlock the first slot, but you'll have to put some work in and level up before you can unlock the second one. 

Good luck gaining more abilities and powers. Eventually, you'll become a powerful magical force to be reckoned with, and Lilith's hordes won't be a problem at all.

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