Grab free and discounted PC games with the week-long GOG Black Friday sale

GOG Black Friday sale
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Digital PC games platform GOG (formerly Good Old Games) has outgrown its niche of selling only retro classics, stretching its list of titles into the thousands with modern hits added to the library. Spreading cheer during this week of bargain madness, GOG has launched its very own Black Friday sale with over 4000 games discounted by up to 90%.

The week-long event runs until November 30, 11PM (UTC), and will include the usual discounted titles alongside free game giveaways and savings on curated collections. GOG is giving away Narita Boy for the first 48 hours to kick off the festivities, a side-scrolling adventure game with a retro pixel art aesthetic. After 2PM (UTC) on November 25, another free game will take its place until the Black Friday sale ends, so grab it fast!

Even a brand-new release is enjoying a discount, with real-time strategy sequel Europa Universalis IV cut by 80% to $8.05 during the event. Alongside individual games, curated collections from publishers like Team 17 are discounted, adjusting the cost appropriately if you already own some of the included games. Check out a selection of quick picks and the best GOG Black Friday game deals chosen by Windows Central.

Top GOG Black Friday game deal quick picks

The best GOG Black Friday game deals right now

There are plenty of fantastic games to choose from on GOG, and they're ready to play even on modern Windows PCs without issue. It's sometimes tricky to find hidden gems amongst the ocean of deals, so we've picked some favorite PC titles to recommend.

Some call for a mouse and keyboard, while others can be comfortably played with a controller. Check our links to relevant Black Friday deals around the web to pair up the best peripherals for these timeless masterpieces. Plus, if you're a handheld gaming fan, you can even install GOG Galaxy games on Steam Deck so you won't miss out.

GOG Galaxy (Image credit: GOG)

The legendary first-person RPG System Shock 2 had a profound impact on almost following every entry in its genre, including spiritual sequels in the Bioshock series. Waking up from cryostasis slumber, your customized protagonist uses their chosen skills and training to navigate the seemingly devastated Von Braun spaceship, searching for a rogue AI named SHODAN.

Once the all-time most requested game on GOG wishlists, System Shock 2 was patched and upgraded by Night Dive Studios to run on modern systems and finally added to the store. One of the best immersive sims ever made, but you still might need a bit of patience to learn the controls and menu systems since they're a far cry from simplified modern HUDs.

$8.05 $2.81

System Shock 2 | $8.05 $2.81

System Shock 2 is the perfect combination of first-person survival horror, skill upgrades, and inventory management. This iconic role-playing game should be on everyone's list of must-play classics.

CD Projekt owns GOG, so it feels natural to gush about The Witcher 3. It's possibly their best game, so it's certainly not a difficult recommendation. The story-driven RPG takes place in a seemingly standard fantasy land with darker twists leading protagonist Geralt into some particularly spicy scenarios.

Grab the game of the year edition and access all of the additional content released so far, plus an upcoming free update in December will enhance it even further. A touch over $8 is a bargain for this gruesome monster-slaying adventure with plenty of scavenging for side quests.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY | $40.29 $8.05

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY | $40.29 $8.05

An epic RPG set in a mature fantasy world with a non-linear and dynamic combat. All additional content is included with the game of the year edition.

Another RPG on our list but with a somewhat less honorable protagonist, Disco Elysium is an open-world detective game with a hint of amnesia and a less subtle hangover. The dialog is fantastic if steeped in dark humor, and you can spend skill points to adjust your interrogation tactics. You'll spend most of your time speaking to the characters of this stylized world, so it helps that the voice-over work is so stellar in the Final Cut upgrade.

The environment is desperately miserable, but you'll grow to love it when you learn more about what's going on. Not as traditionally action-focused as the rest of our picks, there's still plenty of customization on offer during your journey through this fantastic noir story. Updated with even more content, it's a steal at a little over $10.

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut | $40.29 $10.07

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut | $40.29 $10.07

Level up a unique skill tree to improve your detective skills in this amnesia-ridden adventure through a dark world as a hungover gumshoe.

If you mention Deus Ex, someone will re-install it and play through this neon-soaked cyberpunk masterpiece once again. For those who have never tried it, you might glance at the screenshots and feel it is too janky or ugly to give this millennium-era RPG a chance. Throw those hesitations out the window because there is no reason not to try one of the greatest video games ever for less than a dollar.

It might sound biased, but Deus Ex is too iconic to deny for such a low price. Inventory management and a customizable set of bionic augmentations power the protagonist's skill tree as you move through a world of intrigue and conspiracies come to life. Be stealthy, or go full-on with heavy weapons and hack your way through top-secret compounds down to the slums of future New York.

Deus Ex GOTY Edition | $5.75 $0.80

Deus Ex GOTY Edition | $5.75 $0.80

Customize your cyborg body with augmented implants and spend skill points to open new possibilities during your journey through the moody atmosphere of a dystopian future.

It's a great time for gamers with Black Friday sales on games, and we're keeping up with the best of them. Check our live roundup of the latest deals on gaming laptops, and you can pick up any of our excellent choices from GOG.

If you prefer gaming on a desktop, we're also searching high and low for Black Friday deals on components and upgrade parts perfect for your gaming PC. The best part about GOG is the freedom from DRM, so you can install the games on as many of your machines as you like.

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