7 Xbox accessories under $50 — the little things that will make a big difference to your gaming, and not KO your bank balance

Xbox accessories under $50 including HyperX headset, KontrolFreek thumbsticks, PDP remote, USB extender, Bluetooth adapter and PowerA play and charge kit
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I've been using Xbox consoles and their various accessories for nearly 25 years now (don't try and guess my age, but it's old) and I'm thankful that now I get the benefit of reviewing some of these accessories for Windows Central. That being said, not everyone is realistically in the market to buy something as extravagantly priced as the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra, or spend over $200 on one of the best Xbox headsets.  Price is generally the first thing on my mind when reviewing a product, and for this reason if friends or family ask me for recommendations, I generally stick to the lower end of the price scale. For this reason, I also asked a bunch of other Xbox gamers what their one and only recommendation would be for an accessory, the only stipulation being it has to cost less than $50.

None of the answers surprised me, and were much in line with my own regular recommendations. but it's good to know I'm in good company. Without further ado, here's a bunch of accessories you can buy now, that won't cost half your rent payment. 

Extend the USB port on the front of your Xbox

I use the port on the front of my Xbox Series S all the time, whether it be for a headset receiver or charging my phone, and I loathe having to mess around the back of it for the extra ports. Our Xbox Series X under the TV is even more fiddly to get around the rear of — a splitter for the front of your console solves this issue for arond $16 on Amazon. Many brands do the same thing, but these splitters, in particular, come in black or white and are designed to look like part of your console. Now I can plug both my Turtle Beach receivers AND my phone charging cable in the front of my Xbox. Brilliant. 

USB port extender | $15.99 on Amazon 

Designed with the Xbox Series S and X in mind, this splitter expands your front USB port from 1 to 4 usable ports to plug in controllers, mouse, keyboard and headset adapters.

Available in Black or White

USB port extender | $15.99 on Amazon

Designed with the Xbox Series S and X in mind, this splitter expands your front USB port from 1 to 4 usable ports to plug in controllers, mouse, keyboard and headset adapters.

Available in Black or White

✅ Perfect for: You regularly connect things to your Xbox and you don't want to be pulling it out for the extra ports at the back.

Avoid it if: You already have easy access to all the ports on your Xbox.

No need for a new headset, use your own earbuds

Unfortunately, the Xbox doesn't natively support Bluetooth audio. Generally, if you want wireless audio, you'll need to invest in one of the best Xbox headsets. There is a workaround, though, for those who want to use their own earbuds. This nifty gadget from Skull & Co fits into your Xbox controller audio jack and lets you use your AirPods, Galaxy Buds, and more. It's only 34.99 on Amazon and saves you the bother of having multiple devices. 

Skull & Co Bluetooth adapter |

Skull & Co Bluetooth adapter | $34.99 at Amazon

Xbox consoles lack native Bluetooth support, but with this reasonably priced Bluetooth audio adapter, you can use your own earphones with your console, whether it's Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Raycon Earbuds, and beyond. 

✅ Perfect for: You already have decent earbuds and don't want to buy a headset, and use what you have with your Xbox games

❌Avoid it if: You really don't want to spend anything and have Bluetooth capabilities on your TV, you can pair to that if you need to (we have a guide below)

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But if you really DO want a headset, get this one...

The market for actually good headsets under $100 is slim, let alone $50, but thankfully at the time of writing this, my no.1 budget recommendation the HyperX CloudX headset, which normally retails for $69.99, is on sale right now for $49.99. It was meant to be. This isn't a new launch, this headset was launched back in 2016 but we continue to recommend it and it still sits on our best Xbox headsets list. Why? Because nothing has really rivaled it's sound quality at this price point.

HyperX CloudX Xbox Headset | $69.99 now $49.99 at Amazon

HyperX CloudX Xbox Headset | was $69.99 now $49.99 at Amazon

Great sound quality, a detachable mic, and decent noise cancellation for just under $50 on sale. This is the best Xbox you can get for this price and still one we recommend year after year.

✅ Perfect for: If you're looking for a decent headset at a good price without compromising too much on sound quality.

❌Avoid it if: If you want a wireless headset. I don't have a recommendation for under $50 but if you want to stump up a bit extra, go Turtle Beach.

👍Wireless recommendation: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 $89.99 at Best Buy

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Don't run out of battery mid-game

There's a bunch of charging solutions for Xbox controllers, from basic rechargable Eneloop batteries for $25 on Amazon to fancy docks like the Razer magnetic quick charge stands for $39.99 not to mention Xbox's own play and charge kit and we run through all of the options on our list of the best Xbox controller chargers. If I had to choose just one stand out recommendation, it would be PowerA's much better value option to the official play and charge kit. The PowerA Play and Charge is only $18.99 and comes with enough battery packs for two controllers, so you're getting twice as much for less than the official Xbox version.

PowerA Play & Charge Kit $18.99now $17.79 at Amazon

PowerA Play & Charge Kit | was $18.99 now $17.79 at Amazon

If you like the Play and Charge kit, but want more for your money, go with a third party solution. The PowerA version is officially licensed for use with Xbox and you get two battery packs for the price of one official Xbox one.

✅ Perfect for: You want a charging solution for both Player 1 and Player 2

❌Avoid it if: You dislike micro-USB, the official Xbox play & charge is USB-C or you can grab the charging dock below

👍Alternative: PowerA Charging Stand $19.99 at Amazon

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Shop around for new controllers

The official Xbox Series S|X wireless controllers are priced $60-70 depending on the design, but if you shop around you can often get them for as low as $35, especially if you're not fussy on the design, and if you are it's just a case of patience. Not long after I got the Dream Vapor Special Edition at full price did it get put on sale for $20 cheaper! I generally check all the big sites like Best Buy or Walmart for the best prices, but right now Verizon is the cheapest with the Robot White controller for $35.99  and the Pulse Red for $38.99.

Xbox Series X|S Wireless controller $59.99 now $35.99 at Verizon

The standard Xbox controller is still the best in it's price bracket and the cheapest wireless option for Xbox. Use with your console, Windows PC and even play Xbox Cloud games on your mobile using Bluetooth connection.

Robot White | Pulse Red

Xbox Series X|S Wireless controller | was $59.99 now $35.99 at Verizon

The standard Xbox controller is still the best in it's price bracket and the cheapest wireless option for Xbox. Use with your console, Windows PC and even play Xbox Cloud games on your mobile using Bluetooth connection.

Robot White | Pulse Red

✅Perfect for:  If you want a wireless controller compatible with a wide range of devices like Xbox, Windows PC, iOS, and Android. With a share button for quick screenshots and the best ergonomic design in the business, this controller is so beloved.

❌Avoid it if: You prefer a controller with pro features like back buttons or adjustable thumb sticks.

💰Price check: $54.99 at Amazon

You could just pimp up your existing controller too

If you're happy with your existing controller—and I accept that not everyone wants a collection of controllers—you can just make adjustments to the one you have with this surprisingly effective and cheap accessory: KontrolFreek No-Slip Thumb Grips for $12.99 or the Thumb Stick Extenders for $16.99. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and it's surprising how a simple bit of extra rubber on your controller gives you more control over your movements in game. I've also used these with old controllers where the rubber on the existing sticks has worn thin, they are great to have in any gamers arsenal and are even listed as officially favorite Designed for Xbox accessories.


KontrolFreek FPS Thumbstick extenders | $16.99 on Amazon

Mixed height for better precision and maneuvering in your Xbox games, and if you're just looking for better grip and don't really play FPS games, the basic thumbstick covers are $12.99

✅Perfect for:  You want some extra grip or extra height on your controller thumbsticks.

❌Avoid it if: You prefer the feel of the standard thumbsticks.

Does the whole family use the Xbox for entertainment? You need this remote

There is always one accessory I recommend to people who aren't necessarily gamers but have an Xbox in the home. For instance a colleague at my day job was telling me about how she likes to watch Netflix on her husband's Xbox but finds navigating with a controller weird as a non-gamer. Well of course, I recommended a proper Xbox remote. The beauty of these is unlike a controller, they won't go to sleep while you're watching a show; you can use and navigate your Xbox with this remote just as you would the apps on your smart TV. There are a number of versions of the Xbox remote out in the wild, some even cheaper, but I always recommend this PDP one for $22.99 as we've personally reviewed it, it's from a reputable brand, and it has the Designed for Xbox licensing

PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote | $22.99 at Amazon

PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote | $22.99 at Amazon

The PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote Control is a must-have accessory for Xbox gamers. With just the touch of a few buttons, gamers can more easily watch TV, stream media, or listen to music on their Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

✅ Perfect for: Those who wish for better control over watching movies or streaming shows on their Xbox, and share the Xbox with the family for entertainment.

❌Avoid it if: You only use your Xbox for gaming

👍Alternative: 8bitDo Xbox Remote $21.99 at Best Buy

🔍Our experience: PDP Xbox Remote review

Let me know your recommendations 

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With the sheer volume of Xbox accessories on the market, it's easy to lose track of what is actually available—and that's coming from someone who has to look at this stuff for a living! So I'm always interested to hear what people actually use day in and day out with their Xbox. It can be new or it can be something a decade old. Let me know what you actually use in your gaming sessions and if you have anything on this list. 

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