Dying Light 2: Stay Human has a special 42% discount for Prime Day

Dying Light 2: Stay Human
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Prime Day is offering a very special deal for Dying Light 2: Stay Human, for $34.99. That's 42% cheaper than its retail price of $59.99 and is the lowest discount this game has seen to date. So, if you have been waiting for a bargain for Techland's crazy, post-apocalyptic, parkour-centric, zombie game, this is the perfect deal to go for.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human | $59.99 $34.99 on Amazon

Dying Light 2: Stay Human | $59.99 $34.99 on Amazon

Dying Light 2: Stay Human continues to refine what makes the Dying Light series great. It features intense risk vs. reward gameplay, an intricate combat system, and an impressive open world filled with secrets to discover and dangers to overcome.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the long-awaited sequel to the 2015 sleeper hit, Dying Light. It is a dark and gritty open-world sandbox game where you must use your parkour skills and any weapon you can find to survive this zombie-ridden world.

This game takes what made its predecessor great and improves upon it in every aspect. The combat system is more brutal than ever as you fend off zombies using parkour moves, make-shift weapons, traps, and even the environment in a desperate attempt to survive. 

The open world is a massive sandbox laden with hidden paths, weapons, and other surprises for those willing to risk going out into the night. And exploration is as treacherous as ever with Dying Light's day/night cycle mechanic. This gameplay loop causes zombies to be more aggressive and allows more dangerous variants to reveal themselves when the sun goes down.

If you ever wanted to experience the madness of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, especially with a friend for its co-op mode, now is the best time to grab it with this exceptional 42% Prime Day deal. 

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