The best Xbox Series X deal of the week just ended, but this one still saves you $50 (Update)

Update February 20 2024 at 5:52 AM ET: Unfortunately, the extra $20 off deal for Best Buy Plus and Total members is over. You can, however, still purchase the Xbox Series X for $449.99, which is $50 off. This piece has been updated to reflect the change.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X is a powerful console that delivers an excellent gaming experience. But to get that premium gaming experience you normally have to pay a premium price, at least when it comes to console gaming.

Other retailers, such as Microsoft, have the Xbox Series X discounted to $449.99, so you have options when it comes to getting the console at this price. There was a temporary deal that saved Best Buy members an additional $20 off the Xbox Series X, but that offer has ended.

Xbox Series X | was $499.99 now $449.99 at Best Buy

Xbox Series X | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">was $499.99 now $449.99 at Best Buy

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's most powerful console. It is the "apex of the Microsoft gaming system" and delivers 4K gaming. Add in HDR and other premium features and you have an excellent gaming device. 

Xbox Series X review highlights

Xbox Series X 2024 review

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You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more about Xbox gaming than our Jez Corden. With the console being on the market for three years, Corden shared an Xbox Series X review recently that focuses on how the system has held up over time.

The quality and power of the Xbox Series X's hardware was never in doubt. The console did, however, launch with a gaming library missing some must-have entries. Luckily for Xbox Series X owners new and old, Microsoft has invested billions, yes, literally billions, into its content library. Some of the results of that investment will take time, but the situation has already improved.

"The Xbox Series X hardware will not disappoint. It's powerful, sleek and modern, and games that are optimized to take advantage of all the new hardware will truly shine," said Corden in his review.

"The launch line up left a lot to be desired, but as we enter the console's fourth year, a mountain of investment in gaming content will really see the Xbox Series X come into its own."

The Xbox Series X isn't just about power, though it has that. Microsoft dramatically reduced loading times with an NVME SSD and features like Quick Resume. While the visual upgrade from previous-generation consoles is sizeable, I'd argue that the reduced loading times may affect everyday gameplay more, though that depends on what you prioritize. To me, loading a game like Monster Hunter: World in 4.7 seconds instead of the 35.6 seconds it takes to load on the Xbox One X is massive.

While the first thing that comes to mind when buying an Xbox Series X is gaming, the console does support 4K UHD Blu-ray, 4K media apps, videos, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X surround. HDMI-CEC support and voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Echo are nice touches for media lovers.

Corden as far to say that the Xbox Series X is the best console ever made:

"If you're a hardcore Xbox gamer, you're likely already sold on the Xbox Series X. If you're looking to jump in for the first time with the best the ecosystem has to offer, the Xbox Series X will not disappoint. Unmatched value, a truly huge stable of studios building exclusive content, and power that rivals some of the most powerful gaming PCs out there. The Xbox Series X is the best video game console Microsoft ever made. And honestly, it's now my personal pick for the best console ever made."

Best Buy memberships

Best Buy

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My Best Buy Memberships

My Best Buy — Free
My Best Buy Plus — $49.99/year
My Best Buy Total — $179.99/year

Similar to other retailers, Best Buy has a variety of memberships that include different perks. There are three tiers to choose from: My Best Buy, My Best Buy Plus, and My Best Buy Total. All of them come with free standard shipping, including the membership that's free, but what you get on top of that depends on which one you choose.

Both My Best Buy Plus ($49.99 per year) and My Best Buy Total ($179.99) get you access to exclusive member deals, such as the Xbox Series X discount mentioned above. Those memberships each extend the return window to 60 days as well.

My Best Buy Total is a much more comprehensive subscription that comes with protection plans like AppleCare+, 24/7 tech support, 20% off repairs, and VIP support.

I'd argue that both paid plans are worth it for certain people, so it really comes down to how much protection and support you need. If you're just interested in saving money, My Best Buy Plus includes exclusive member prices and exclusive access to deals and products. You only have to purchase a few items to make back the $49.99 My Best Buy Plus costs each year.

We have a full guide breaking down My Best Buy memberships to help you pick which one is best for you.

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