Last chance: 90% off EA's best Xbox games in years, including the Dead Space remake, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and more!

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Many of EA's absolute best games in years are discounted by genuinely unbelievable amounts right now, including up to 90% off brand-new 2023 releases. I had to do a double take when I staggered upon these deals, but I then bought every game I wanted to play that wasn't already in my library. Get the critically acclaimed survival horror game remake Dead Space (2023) in its Digital Deluxe Edition for just $7.99 at Microsoft. Score the Deluxe Edition of the incredible Star Wars Jedi: Survivor predecessor for just $4.99 at Microsoft. Or try something new with the Karakuri Edition of WILD HEARTS for just $8.99 at Microsoft.

These deals all require Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to take full advantage, but there are plenty of ways to save money on Xbox's best subscription service and these games if you scroll down just a little further (and some other great discounts on EA games). Act fast, though, as I have reason to believe these deals are going away later today.

Dead Space (2023) Digital Deluxe Edition |$79.99 now $7.99 at Microsoft w/ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Dead Space (2023) Digital Deluxe Edition | was $79.99 now $7.99 at Microsoft w/ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

This isn't just a brilliant remake of a horror classic, it's also one of the best horror games released in years. Right now, the Digital Deluxe Edition (with exclusive cosmetic items) is just $8 on Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Don't have the service? It's still discounted to just $32 for non-subscribers.

WILD HEARTS Karakuri Edition |$89.99 now $8.99 at Microsoft w/ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

WILD HEARTS Karakuri Edition | was $89.99 now $8.99 at Microsoft w/ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

WILD HEARTS is a compelling and gorgeous alternative to Monster Hunter with a stunning world, tight and satisfying combat, and ingenious gadget building. Right now, the Karakuri Edition with exclusive cosmetic items is just $9 for Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you don't have Ultimate, this game is still just $36 for non-subscribers.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition | $49.99 now $4.99 at Microsoft w/ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition | was $49.99 now $4.99 at Microsoft w/ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The first entry in a brand-new Star Wars franchise, Jedi: Fallen Order is still an absolutely incredible action-adventure game. Right now, the Deluxe Edition with exclusive cosmetic items is just $5 for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you want Jedi: Survivor, scroll down for a deal on that game, too.

Many of these games are actually included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via EA Play, but that means you need to be subscribed to take advantage of the best deals. Look below for some great ways to save on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox gift cards, helping you save as much money as possible with these deals. You can also find other discounted EA games (both with and without the XGP Ultimate requirement) to flesh out your library and fill your hours with fun.

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Deals so good on games so amazing, I just had to buy them

Survive the gruesome and horrifying in this dark and gorgeous survival-horror remake. (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Dead Space (2023) landed near the beginning of the year, so it's easy to forget about it when discussing the best games of 2023. However, the Dead Space remake absolutely deserves to be in the conversation, as it's one of the scariest and most well-done survival horror games in years. It proudly stands alongside the legendary Resident Evil remakes, improving over the original with far more than updated visuals and audio design.

It's scarier, it's more fun to play, it's more accessible and approachable, and the story has been fleshed out even more. It's a remake done right, and is the perfect game for any horror fan. With the Digital Deluxe Edition for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S being 90% off (again, that's just $7.99 at Microsoft), you can hop into EA's best horror adventure possibly ever. With this edition, you're also scoring three unique cosmetic suit upgrades and two unique cosmetic suit textures.

In our 5/5 review of Dead Space (2023), our Samuel Tolbert concluded that "Motive Studios delivers a remake that isn't just a faithful adaption of Dead Space for the modern age, but a love letter to the entire franchise."

Take on terrifying beasts in WILD HEARTS, like the aptly named Deathstalker pictured here. (Image credit: Windows Central / EA)

WILD HEARTS is another one of EA's best games in years, but it's one that flew under the radar. A new franchise in a genre that lacks the mainstream appeal of survival-horror, WILD HEARTS had to fight an uphill battle to be noticed. Some performance issues at launch certainly didn't help, although those flaws remain in the past now. Despite those obstacles, WILD HEARTS has established itself as a wonderfully hectic, fun, and creative spin on the gameplay formula pioneered by the legendary Monster Hunter franchise.

The basic premise is the same: track and hunt down massive, terrifyingly powerful and diverse beasts to earn money and collect resources for gear upgrades; explore a gorgeous and varied world; follow an original story pitting you against the biggest forces in nature. However, WILD HEARTS improves upon its inspiration with tighter combat and ingenious gadgets, which you can construct instantly to help you traverse the world or battle monsters. Need a platform to give you a boost up? Got it. What about a massive wall to protect yourself? Got it. A zipline to shoot you to a new location? Got it. That barely scratches the surface of what WILD HEARTS lets you do, and the Karakuri Edition (which includes some cosmetic goodies) is just $8.99 at Microsoft for Xbox Series X|S.

In our 4/5 WILD HEARTS review, our Alex Cope concluded that "the gameplay loop of hunting monsters and using their parts to create gear is addictive, the weapons are entertaining to use, the Karakuri system is deep and filled with secrets, and the world of Azuma is beautiful and immersive." He also lamented the aforementioned performance issues and bugs, but the game feels much better to play now.

One of the best Star Wars games of all time, and it has never been cheaper on Xbox. (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Finally, a game that needs no real introductions. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the first in a brand-new action-adventure Star Wars adventure that follows the journey and growth of young Jedi Cal Kestis. You have to survive against the Empire immediately following the events of the Clone Wars, collecting allies on the way in an effort to make a difference in the universe. In our 4.5/5 review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, we called it a "masterful Star Wars adventure." Right now, the Deluxe Edition is just $4.99 at Microsoft for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Want to play the award-winning sequel, too? Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is bigger, bolder, and better than its predecessor in every way, making it the perfect sequel and another brilliant success for EA and Respawn Entertainment. Right now, the Deluxe Edition for Xbox Series X|S is just $49.49 at Microsoft, and you don't even need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

All three of these games are included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft's quintessential subscription service that gives players access to hundreds of high-quality games across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC with Xbox Game Pass, lets you stream most of those games on practically any device through Xbox Cloud Gaming, and even includes many of EA's best games from the recent and distant past with EA Play. On top of that, you get online multiplayer access on consoles, exclusive discounts and offers (like the ones in this article), and unique perks every month. It's a great deal, even before you're able to buy some of the best Xbox games of the year for a staggering 90% off.

Be sure to check out some of the other discounted EA games listed above, and save as much money as possible by stocking up on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and discounted Xbox gift cards with the deals a little further up the article.

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